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does anyone garden

I love flowers. i love landscaping. i get so much therapeutic feelings working in my garden. i like weeding. it gives me somethin to do. and to see a clean garden with no weeds symbolizes sobriety. plus it gives me something to do. and watching the plants grow. nurturing something is rewarding. what do you like to do
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Hahahahaha Bama! The only thing that I can keep alive in this house are the cats,,hamsters and my hubby,,me and the kiddo. I can barely do that! I had a lil trouble on the hamster front recently too! Hmm..what do I like to do? It seems these days that my hobbies mostly are eating and sleeping and eating and sleeping with some work mixed in there. I need to work on this one! Xo~Bkitty
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Yes, I do! Hubby got me interested in gardening and landscaping. He has taught me a lot about what types of plants grow best where. He even built me a dry creek bed with a waterfall like I always wanted. I love getting out there and weeding and planting. The time passes so fast and it is relaxing and therapeutic. I am so glad the weather is nice and it appears Spring is here. We already have buttercups and our Japanese Maples have leaves.
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i like to have a vegatable garden , really enjoy growin every bell pepper accept green, and luv to juice tomatoes, i like to use what i grow or give to someone who appreciates practical gardening for food.
sometimes i get lazy on the weeds though i got to admit, but i eventually clean it up, i will post some pics of one of my little spots.
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We have a little vegetable garden too. It is one of those raised gardens with the wood planks around it. He also has an herb garden (legal herbs, lol) because he is the cook of the family and uses them when he cooks. My son had given him the herb gardening kit as a gift a few years ago and we have definitely enjoyed it. There is nothing like food made with ingredients from your own garden.

We have an Amish community south of here that we visit every now and then to get freshly canned goods and handcrafted items like baskets. Their strawberry preserves are amazing!
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I try Bama but am not used to my zone gardening climate yet - it's hard to grow anything for me when you live somewhere where the temp is 90+ for most of the year but I do still try.  Got me a little pineapple that I've been growing for about 2 years now and that seems to be the only success I've had.
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I don't have time for a vegtable garden so I buy a few 6 packs of different peppers and tomatoes and plant half @ home and the other half @ my office in the flower beds, they do ok there and I still have some homegrown produce!
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I've tried planting flowers and gardens but it never works.  I think I'm about the only one who could plant a plastic tree and have it die on me :)
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