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late night withdrawal movie WARNING

Couldn't sleep.. can't sleep for sure now.. Thought I would watch some movies.. I love movies based on true events.  This movie was on... about a guy named Ted Bundy.. said it was a true story... I had only taken tiny pieces off one little pill.. all day ... and I went all night.. just taking tylenol... Then, after that was over I just kept watching that same station.. Next, they said another true story.. about some guy named .... what was his name??? hmmm... Gacy?? Something like that.. Some really big guy... Anyway, I watched it... after this one was over... I am feeling very sick..Panicky... I jump up.. and frantically start looking for that little pill... I knew there was still about 1/2 the pill left.. totally panicked... I thought to myself... Holy mother of....******..   what the hell .... I jumped up and felt totally weird.. and started thinking real fast... No wonder I took the freaking pills for so long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....  Freaking psycho world I live in... ... I wanted to get down to only 1/2 a pill a day.. I can't believe I am still going through withdrawal.. all the way down from over 8?? .. 10 .... went down to 6 pills... tthen down to 3... then down to 1... WATCH OUT FOR MOVIES THAT SAY "BASED ON TRUE EVENTS"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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yeah that Gacy was a real SICKO. one of the most infamous serial killers in history. I have all the tv channels that get those networks that show true crime stuff too and I have seen just about all of them, lol.    Definitely steer away from that stuff while youre In WD, and dont watch the ghost stuff either (like i do) it will keep you awake for sure lol.  Find some nice soothing Three's Company (its on same time - 2-5 a.m. usually) Much better lol
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Garbage in garbage out...you have to watch what you allow in your home..I can not to this day watch scarry movies or things like that it gives me bad nightmares...ignorance is not cool either but our homes are where we should have shelter from the world IMHO
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I watch reality type stuff (a lot of crime stuff) and Forensic Files on Tru TV is enough for me....I can't watch it anymore.  Or any crime show.   Except for COPS.

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When I was withdrawaing from Xanax I could not watch anything violent...at all.  Had to have a PG rating or I would panic.  The brain is so raw I think it gets overstimulated.  Give your mind time to heal.
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I agree with seahorse. We already know that we live in a dysfunctional world. That's why a lot of us used in the first place. Why introduce more trauma to your already traumatized self by watching garbage. When you watch something on TV, it's as though you are inviting the person(s) or events into your home. You wouldn't open your front door to this kind of person, so why invite them in through the Boob Tube. Even watching the news can be upsetting.

I think that we become desensitized over time watching the violence and distress in the world. When we are withdrawing from drugs we are wide open to stimuli as if it were bacteria entering an open wound. Protect yourself.

I got some nice DVD's that feature scenery from National Parks, waterfalls and streams, and clouds and sky with soothing music in the background for when I get really wound up. But watching comedy and light drama helped a lot most of the time.
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I also agree with seahorse,
I think it's real important that at this time you only put postive things in your life..
If you can't sleep maybe try reading a good book. It seems to work for me.
Anyway.Have a blessed day !!
Your friend
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Well, I learned my lesson!!  It was like I was just stuck there, and couldn't change the channel... brain not working right yet... yesterday I got down to only 3/4 norco... great accomplishment from over 8 pills a day 4 weeks ago... I am nearing down to nothing!!  I am sure my brain will start working correctly again soon... But, I am with all of you... No more true stories for me... Thank you guys.. : O )
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