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liscamdave and others

I guess I am guilty of posting mostly on the other side. I should, in actuality, have been posting more on this side. It's become a habit, no pun intended, and easy to get into a rut. The majority of people on this forum are pretty much strangers to me and I am at fault for not changing that. I forgot that the situation is no different then when I first joined this forum eighteen months ago. So, with many apologies, I will be here more often and if possible get to know everyone and help out where and when I can. I have learned much here and that helped me when I needed the help. Hopefully I can raise the spirits of those who feel down. For those who don't know me, you will, and I have no doubt will ask,"Who is that windbag." I now have to back away from the computer because my better half is shouting that if I don't get to the table my supper is going into the trash can. I usually tell her off silently because I don't have the courage to say it to her face. Oh, God, she was standing behind me and now I have to go stand in the corner. Hopefully she will let me out before my supper gets cold. I'll be back and I am going to put a mirror on the wall in front of me so I can see anyone sneaking up behind me, especially her. The last sentence was typed in the form of a whisper. For all I know she can read each and every word I type, from a distance.
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Like I said, I get into a rut. The above post was supposed to have gone into the addiction forum instead of here. I guess I am going to have to teach my left hand to know what the right is doing. Unfortunately I have no idea how to transfer it to the other forum. Can it be done?
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do you know how to copy and paste?
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I'm lucky I know what the computer looks like. I just tried the cut and paste and blew it. I 'll try one more time. Thanx
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Blew it again. No idea what I'm doing.
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It seems that MedHelp moved the poem,"Invictus," from the addiction forum to this one. I don't know if they perhaps moved my initial post the first above also .
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Dont feel bad about not knowing what you are doing on the computer!!!!  I am really "challenged"!!!!

Did you get a mirror yet!!!!  LOL
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Often time MH will move a post over to the social side especially if it's not directly related to addiction. You should come here too because this is the fun side of MH. There are lots of times that I need to talk about something, but it's not directly related to addiction so I come here.
So how do you like your new mirror?? LMAO!!
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Both you and dominosarah have mentioned a,"Mirror." What exactly is that? I may also mention that most of my time has been spent on this the Social forum. It is the addiction site that I have been lax about.
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i remember you well, you were here when i first came over a year ago...we spoke a few times and just kind of lost track i guess.  you were very insightful and helpful to me in my time of need...and i have to say, ya still got it..
maybe we can pick up where we left off...
good to see you here more often...
we need you here... and there too, meaning the other side.
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Hi Mangee,
I have not been around for awhile but its nice to see you are still here, sharing wit and wisdom!  Good to see you here and to know you are doing well!!!

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