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morphine addiction

help !!! symtons while consuming and withdrawel symptions??
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I dont understand what you are asking and you should post this on the addiction substance abuse side of the forum.
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How much morphine are you using and what are they giving it to you for. If you are trying to withdraw from morphine permanently, plan on feeling like death for at least the first few weeks. I was told to go to a detox facility and that I couldn't break the addiction on my own. Well, after 8 years of having 16 mg morphine shots for cluster migraines and neck problems, I had had enough of it, and I wanted to be free from having to go to the doctor every single day of my life for pain control.

You will sweat, you will chill, you will ache in your kidney's until you bawl. You will be anxious, hopeless, and suffer from terrible stomach problems. This lasted for over 3 weeks with me before I even began to feel human.

Would I do it again? In a heartbeat. I live with terrible pain, but it's better than living chained to a drug that doesn't have a very lasting effect.

If you are suffering from a chronic pain condition, there are other alternatives that you can talk to your doctor aobut. Suboxone helps you to go off the drug with less withdrawals and also helps with chronic pain.

Hope I've answered a couple of questions. If you have any questions about it, feel free to ask me anytime.

Good luck.
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morphine addiction is a tuff nut to crack, however it is the same as any opiate addiction it is possable to withdraw using an RDT or "rapid detox treatment" this works really well from morphine, i was on 30mg of morphine tablets twice daily for pain relief and had also had enough..i found out my local GP was doing this rapid detox from opiate drugs in his surgery it cost around 5 k and took one day only..he injected me with a few strong drugs to help with the withdrawals then used narcane to put me into full withdrawal..after 2 hours he installed a 6 month Naltrexone Implant into my lower abdomen..this drug is an antagonist to opiate use..in other words it mean u cannot use morphine again and feel anything " In other words it's pointless to use opiates after the operation" this works for alcohol abuse and any addiction aswell..a kind of miracle drug with no side effects.
Hope this info helps u.
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