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tomorrow makes Day 364

well it has been a year clean now I feel great and could not have done it without my friends here so thank you to eveyone that helped me

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On this day 364 I give you a hearty congratulations on your upcoming year clean!  Awesome dude!
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thanks jacqui how is the gaming going
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It's going great dude.  I bought myself an Xbox with some gift money and I'm playing Grand Theft Auto IV, even though I haven't finished GTA: San Andreas on the PS2.  I DO intend on finishing too, but I was too excited to wait on that before starting IV...besides these games are so long and there's so many side missions, it could take forever.  I DID buy and finish Tomb Raider Underworld.  It was short, and therefore, disappointing.  You play anything exciting lately?  How's your body been feeling dude?  and the woman?  She still in the pic?
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BTW good to see ya back on...you should come by more often.
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Dang it !!!   Has it been a year.......a whole freaking year !!!!!  WoW....ConGraTs, Sweetie........I guess we need to have another PM party !!........lmao!!

Love ya, Darlin & super Proud of you & good to hear from you.  Miss you bunches out here !

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Way to go medic!!!!! I had no doubt you could do this. Congratulations on your one year!!!
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