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1 Year Clean ;)

Well, it's actually a little over a year clean.lol.

I don't come on this site as much as I should, to help out our fellow addicts but I've been so busy with work, a 17 month old daughter and just enjoying life.

I decided to come on today to thank some that were a BIG part of me getting clean in the beginning, specifically Lesa and Sara. I wish I could remember everyone that helped me, but thank you for giving me some of the tools I needed. I also joined NA and my Crohn's is under control as well since my surgery a year ago (thank God).

Anyway, I'm not here to gloat, I'm here to say thanks and to let anyone else know that is in this battle to KEEP FIGHTING. I slipped and slipped and slipped but every time I did, I just got back up and kept fighting. I probably relapsed 10-15 times before I finally said enough is enough.

BTW, initially I started off taking 4-6 5MG Vics/Percs per day and over a period of 2-3 years, escalated to 10-15 10MG Vics or Percs per day. My last day was Nov 14th.

To all those in the beginning stages of WD, just hang in there. Easier said than done, I COMPLETELY understand but don't give up. Sometimes, after a week or two, we feel strong and empowered and when we let our guard down just a little bit, the pill demon sneaks right back up. I used to get to 2-3 weeks clean and then BOOM, whether it was health reasons or just the cravings, I would fall off.

Also, I remember coming on here asking 'when will this feeling go away'. Well, now with a clear mind, I think about the damage I did to my body and mind over the course of 2-3 years and to suddenly expect myself to recover in 1-2 days, not going to happen. It takes time - so, hang in there everyone just starting out.

Some people say it's a life long battle - I agree with that to a certain extent. It does stay with you for life but the cravings, anxiety, etc gets MUCH MUCH easier, so, if you're just starting off, don't think you will feel like that for the rest of your life. I enjoy life and I look back at those DARK days and wonder WHY THE HE11 I did what I did but I learned from it and am a better person.

Thanks again to everyone here - for those that stick around to help others the way I was helped, you are all angels!

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God bless you! Congrats! I get what your saying and coming from. Man time sure does flies.
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Great job and well done friend !!  Glad things are going so well for you too ;))
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OMG!!!  It is sooooooo nice to see you!!!!  

Congrats on 1 yr clean my friend!!!   I always knew you had it in you and look at you now.  I am so incredibly proud of you.  Oh this makes me so flippin happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's time for a happy dance, Minnesota style~

Nice to see Snoopy again!!!
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Thanks everyone and thank you dominosarah. I remember once I slipped and you gave me some 'tough love' and I needed it, lol. You were one of the main ones that was always there for me. Is Lesa still here? she was AWESOME too!!!

Thanks again!!!! You're an angel =)
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Yes Lesa is still here!!  Thank you for the kind words Nick.  I am just so excited about you checking in with this wonderful news!!

Off to find Lesa!!
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Fantastic!!! I could NOT be happier for you :)  Oh, and thank you for posting - you are an inspiration.
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Love, love, love to read this post! You give such inspiration and hope! You are a poster child for life after pill addiction! Thank you, and take care! Please stop by once in a while! You are missed! Continued happiness!
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What an amazing post! Congrats to you!
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Congrats on over a year clean, that's some achievement. Well done, happy your happy, ;)
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A Big High Five for You!!! I was wondering where Snoopy went..Ha!! I bet you feel so much better..I know my Year mark was the best corner to turn so far..Great Job and keep on stepping forward.
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Greetings Nick !! There are those dancing feet !! It is so good to see you over a year clean !! Whoo Hoo This is Wonderful News and that your Crohn's is under control is the best news yet !! So Happy and Proud for you !! I sure bet the lil one is growing so fast.. Please stop in again and share your milestones I know how Happy I feel so I bet I can say how Sara feels !! :)) This made my night. You really do have a lot to be proud of I also remember how many times you slipped. It just goes to show, It is not how many times you are knocked down but how many times you get back up.. Sooo Proud for you Nick... With a warm and full heart.. lesa
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You have one of those avatars that has always made me giggle!  Scampering away to get clean.....and you've made it over a WHOLE YEAR NOW!!!!!  Couldn't be happier for you....don't be a stranger...we'd love to have you stop in more often~
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Big Respect to you on all your hard work & your 1 year clean!! What a great achievement. ;-)
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Oh how I needed to read this right now. THANK YOU. What an inspiration!!!!!!!! I want to be you in a year. So badly. Congrats!!!! Thank you again for coming back and checking in. It's so great to hear that.
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PS I took a screen shot of your post-specifically the words-keep fighting ;) thanks
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Congrats!!!!  I cannot tell you how much this post relieves some of the fear and anxiety associated with this disease.  Just having these words are helpful.  Thank you for that!
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I agree with cik ... ive always liked ur avatar!  I can't believe its been a year ... amazing!  congratulations!!!
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Congrats on 1 year!!  amazing!  we have about the same amount of clean time....feels great doesn't it?  so happy for you!  
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Thank you for sharing your story. I'm 16 weeks pregnant and have been clean most recently this past month but before I was doing the same thing. I would be ok for a few weeks and fall off again. And I felt like giving up; and just accepting myself as a failure to myself and family. But my spirit kept me from succumbing to that acceptance. I identify with much of what you wrote. Thanks for sharing and giving me some strength through your own struggles in a time of need. Blessings to you and your family and congrats on your sobriety!!
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This still just makes me happy~
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