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This is my post on this website. I have been struggling with addiction for 10 years and have lost countless things. Cars, apartments, money, relationships. I am really at the end here. I have been to rehab and meetings but nothing has worked. Any advice or support is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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It sounds like you have really been thru the mill.  What is your DOC and how much, etc.?  Where are you in the process?  This will help us understand and be able to help better.  
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Keep us informed. We can help better if we know what you were taking. A lot if us have been in the same position as you.
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Hi.  Please go to my page and read my journal entry called 'my psych ward story'.  It's long, but worth the time, as I think it will be helpful to you.  Blessings - Blu
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hi guys, thanks for the posts. when i was younger (10 years ago) i did it all. i was a garbage can. my doc eventually was heroin. i overdosed in march of 2011 and luckily someone gave me mouth to mouth and saved me then quit and started drinking ALOT. i'm happy i found this website. i didnt drink or use today.
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Welcome! I am so glad that you found this site! I know that it has been a lifesaver for me. Congratulations on day 1 my friend. That is a huge start. The only thing that worries me is that you say you have been drinking a lot... how much is a lot?? I only ask because DTs from alcohol can be very dangerous and even fatal.
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i detoxed at the hospital and I am feeling better
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OK, good. So, do you have any plans for aftercare? NA/AA, and/or counseling? Sounds like you kinda know the drill. I'm glad that you are doing better physically.
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just wanted to lend support here...this site is a great source for info and support...it has helped me get to 6 months clean....just let us know what your immediate symptoms are and we can help you ease them a bit....keep posting for support and you can do this....you sound determined so stay strong in the fight....it does get so much better.  i was on pain pills for lots of years and it's no picnic but with determination and outside after care you can do it...you're still young and have your whole life ahead of you...let us know how we can help.

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i work about 70 hours a week and on my days off i go to community college so it is difficult for me to get to meetings. i can probably get to a couple meetings a week. now that i found this website, i can see this really helping. there are also aa meetings online so i might be able to check that out. thanks you for all your comments.
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wow you work alot....sounds like me...lol  minus the school.  Yes there are online meetings...i think i tried one once....but i have difficulty getting to meetings because of work too...but i'm trying.  Just let us know how you are doing and know we are here for you.  

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Hey let me know if you do the online meeting thing. I'm curious because I'm on the road with my bf who is a truck driver. Very hard to fit the semi in a regular parking lot!
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Welcome to the forum(s), Erich!!!  And MAJOR KUDOS on 4 DAYS!!!!

With working 70 hrs a week and college.....you will definitely have a harder time than SOME people fitting in an hr a day to attend a meeting.  And from reading your other thread in the "Alcoholism" forum, sounds like maybe you had a hard time finding a meeting where it felt like "home" to you.  I think having "skin on" support is REALLY important and hugs and accountability are greater there than online meetings....but.....until you are able to find one to attend "in person"....here's three links for you.  One is an AA link and the other two are NA links.  They BOTH have online meetings EVERYDAY of the week.  They have a supportive daily thought for the day/meditation and lots of other cool things that will give you support, too.

AAonline.net has 38 online meetings per week and the average attendance is 62 people.

NAchatroom.org and NA-Recovery.org both are great links, too.

So glad you found this forum......rootin for you....& welcome aboard!!
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