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1 year today

Hello friends.  Just wanted to tell you all that today is 1 year since I have put a drink or a drug into my body. As you know my drug was OxyContin and it has been a heck of a year. Got those of you still suffering as I did I want you to know it does get better.  I am far from being totally ok but I can honestly say I am just as far from the daily suffering that I went through.  This site and the people who reached out to me here help me. To that I sincerely want to say THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU. Without you I might have gone insane. Anyway one day at a time thing continue to get better. God willing
All the best to you
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Wow! You sound better. Congrats on your one year!
Thanks Jill.  One question.  Will I ever feel better.....  lol. Had to say it one more time .....
Ha ha!!!
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Bob it is great to hear from you. Congrats and kudos on one year clean and sober. You do sound much better.
I am glad to see this. I am very proud of you and so happy for you.
Thank you for your inspiring post.
Keep up the good work.
Recovery looks good on you.
Thank you.  Things are starting to come together.  Still have a long way to go but just wanted to let everyone know that I thought I was going to die.  I thought I would never make it but between the rooms my network and my friends here I am still alive and starting to get glimpses of actually being happy.  So anyone reading this that has doubts I just want you to know your not alone and you can do this. It's not easy but your lie is worth it.  
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A huge CONGRATS to you on 1 yr!!!  You are rockin the recovery~
Thanks Sarah. Thank you for believing in me when I had none in myself.
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One year that's amazing oxycodone had a hold of me I know how hard it is,but I'm pushing day by day.
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hey hey a big congrats on a yr clean those that make it a year can usually make it long term....do something to celebrate you have earned it and thanks for posting your success it gives others hope
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Hi Bobj15,
Yes, YOU will get better & better. It just takes time for the Brain to adjust the chemistry back. Make sure you keep the Support system going at all times!!!

Better late then never, CONGRATS!!!!!!
Keep on reaching for the light!

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Nice!  Welcome to sustained recovery. It keeps getting better.
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