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168 hours . 7 days . 1 week . How is everyone doing?

I have made it a week y’all!
I can feel the old me breaking the chains that weighed me down for too long .
I’m going to Sweet Frogs for some celebratory frozen yogurt!
Anyone that’s suffering with their demons, you can do it !!
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I'm late but that's still inspirational and I'm so proud of you
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And some comments gets posted twice!! Lmbo !
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Saltygirl,  How are you?   How were your first two nights working on your own power?   I have been thinking of you so much, and really putting out there strength to you...   I know you, from how you write you are a very strong girl, women and you can do anything you set your mind to.    Nice job working on the beach with the Pepsi  Gulf Coast Jam....   I bet you are as gorgeous on the outside as you are on the inside..  because Salty you are one of the Beautiful people, Not like Ed Sheeran & Justin sing about but you are beautiful because you have compassion and wisdom..  You helped me at a time I really needed it..  Some woman up in Canada, we wrote from the heart...and when hearts speak distance doesn't count... Ah I'm so smallshee this morning..   Oh hun don't let the party atmosphere lure you in...  You own it... own the situation clear headed, in control, be an Amazon Woman... Strong, and immovable when it comes to your safety and well being... Rock It Boss

It is true heaven must be like this, being able to hear someone's soul without needing to see them... but I don't think there is suffering in heaven... not like this broken old world...

Please let me know you are okay...  I'm good.   I'll update  my progress on my thread .. I want those who want to try it my way to see all my updates in one place...  I really want to help someone else get off Suboxone if they can't taper it like me.  What I have done has been successful...  I didn't take any Tylenol 3 for 11 hrs yesterday, and I was okay... no w/d's nothing!......  I can really cut down today.. Hurray almost there...

Done this like a BOSS

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A lot of comments or post of mine are getting an “error” notification.
I type a story only for it to disappear!

Lots of hugs and love !!!
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A lot of comments or post of mine are getting an “error” notification.
I type a story only for it to disappear!

Lots of hugs and love !!!
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Congrats!!! This is awesome!
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Hey Saltygirl,  You are seriously rocking this.  You do sound very strong and I am happy you have made it through the worst of this.. I cag n't wait to be where you are...   Please please please keep coming here, especially today as you go back to work...  Temptation and the ability to use can be around you ... I don't know your particular situation or the kind of patrons at the bar you work.  I never used a dealer, as my Dr  "the original one in NS" was my dealer and I never paid a cent for 10+ years of opiates.  We don't don't pay for Suboxone here either.  So it was so easy to get hooked and stay hooked.  Dr prescribed, no monetary cost.. gee just keep me high till I die..  But I already felt dead from the drugs...  okay I'm digressing here...  You are the important one today Saltygirl as you go back to work.    

Heed Mombojombo's words.. when a bad day or temptation comes, "remember the sunshine you felt yesterday".   I/We all want that for you everyday... enough with suffering... kick it to the curb hun.. If you happen to see your EX dealer, anywhere, don't engage in any conversation, not even a nod or hello.. Put your eyes down, and hand up like a stop sign, and keep walking..  You have been through this before, and for us who have been around this block a few times, we know each w/d gets worse.. I'm living that now.   We will have all the beautiful days of waking up free.. waking up and feeling alive, eager to get about the day just the way we are, the way we were created to be..  Free!  Opiates have ruined, just ruined so many lives.. I just hate it..  

My nite was not good and I had some fearful moments with fearful thoughts... but it's morning and I survived.  

I'm trying to work up the gumption to go swim... I feel back to just get dressed... then just make it to the car... make  the 40 min drive to the pool.... walk into the Y into the change room.. walk through the doors to the pool... get in.. and see what happens.. If I can swim great, if not I will go sit in the hot tub.. that will feel good.  

I'll check in later hun.... You Got this Boss Lady

I'm hugging you so tight your top might pop.....lol  :)

You guys are my saving grace!
I’m nervous about work but kinda feel liberated at the same time .
I hid my hollowness with makeup and neon lights .
Tonight I will be 100% me ! eeeekkkk!!
The great thing is it’s a extremely busy bar even for off season. I don’t have time for a lot of chitchat, while going through this I feel as if I’m naked and folks can see right through me .
I love my job!! It’s the most money you can make without taking my clothes off! Lol!
Also you can be someone else and put on a mask and close off or at least turn down whatever Chaos is going on in your life..
I got a email from a company that does events here . And I work an event called the Pepsi Gulf Coast Jam every year, it’s a 3 day concert, for 3 days I get B#%~h slapped with a nonstop crowd of thousands!! I FRIGGIN LOVE IT ! Well I’ve been asked to be head bartender for another event here called Gulf Coast Sand Jam same type of event but as you probably already guessed it’s on the beach in the sand !!!
I’m glad I’ve been running!!
Well it will be the first event I’ve worked in years clean!!!
Going to put a lot of faith into 5 hour energy!! Lol !
I’m excited though!

Being able to talk to you Lili and Mombo has been the most touching thing ever !
To have such a connection with people that you’ve never met or talked to vocally is unexplainable.
This experience has to be a lot like heaven in the fact you feel people’s Aura .

Also I’m soooo very very happy for you Liliansdream !!!!
You got this thing whipped !
Also I didn’t know how easy it is to Obtain medication there!
Just another reason why you are THE BOSS!!
Gurl !!! I can teach you how to say dog with three Syllables until it no longer hurts ! Lol!
G.R.I.T.S (girls raised in the south)
Can’t wait to buy those Harley’s !!!

Grrrr... I wrote you a long message, and I hit the wrong button and the page refreshed and I lost it...  okay so quickly as I have to go eat...  I am doing good now... I did force myself out this a.m. cudn't swim "chills", but hot tub... met a woman who does touch therapy, but she doesn't touch, it is suppose to open up your  energy ... and she offered to do it, and it worked.. amazingly... In 10 min I went from feeling really badly, to good.. not good but okay.  I think kindness by others is just as healing...

I am thinking of you going to work tonight, and I am pulling for you, I'm lifting you up, and if you start to feel weak remember we are in this together.. You can get through the night all on your own two feet... No Mask... No need for the demon, life sucking pills... You are completely free, and I will soon be as well...  I think what I am doiong is goingn to work...  I'm so happy off the Suboxone, and now off the Percs... Tylenol #3 will be no problem to taper...  HURRAY!

Hun does your boss know the truth of why you took time off?  You will be safe with your other co-workers... no one will offer you one?   How awesome it is that you are going to work free...  I'm so happy for you... you will keep making it...  Pace yourself, don't get hungry, go to the washroom and sit down if you need to...  You are number 1 tonight... nothing girl is more important than your sobriety...  You have friends...  

Okay I gotta post this before it blips out of sight too....

Can't wait to hear the night went great...  

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Yay!!!!  So awesome Saltygirl!!!  I loved your day yesterday as well.  Honestly, you sound strong.  Now we all know you may have a bad day and it's important to reach out to us (or anyone) and dig deep within yourself to remember the sunshine you felt yesterday.  

And I love frozen yogurt!!  I want some now!!!!  Have an incredible day and be blessed.
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Yes indeed mombojombo !
I’m kinda scared when I return to work in a few days but I’m also excited to let the dealers know they have no power over me anymore.
I will be holding all the power.
Being able to talk with awesome people like yourself has been my saving grace. I will forever be thankful!!
Thanks for spreading hope of breaking these awful chains..... got to 2 mgs of subutex & 3 mgs of Valium ( was on 8 mgs of sub 30 mg V for 9 years) I felt like was losing my mind. Seriously. Ended up calling my dr. & going on a slower , medically supervised taper.
Please keep posting, you give hope. Beating myself up for not just kicking .
Afraid I’m stuck on this poison forever.... one more surgery to go.
Stay strong salty girl Fla!
Running back to Florida soon! Got  sober there 10.5 years, it is a progressive disease.....relapsed in 2009
Blessings to you
Please keep posting..... you’re giving me hope- and others also

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