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20 hours no norco

Ready to be free!!! 20 hours in, not feeling too bad. Wished I could say this is my 1st rodeo, but not true, last year at almost this same time, I went almost a month without, but pain management, thought I should go back on them. There for a while everything was good, then stopped relieving pain again, and it took more.

Well on the 18th, it will be a month since I had my gallbladder taken out. I think pills may have caused this, and I have been sick since. I think I could take a bottle of pills and it wouldn't help, I haven't. I am just keeping the withdrawals away! Time to quit.

I had a spinal fusion in 2009, it didn't help, so meds and injections since then. I take norco 10s, some days up to 8. Prescribed 4 a day.

Just wished I had never started back. They really don't help the pain anymore. Sure could use some support. Thank y'all.
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I really hate writing these words, but Welcome Back. It is great that you've recognized your problem. We've all been here. Keep us updated, and let this be the last time for you. Best of Luck on kicking your addiction this time.
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Just finishing 33 days of of DOC , Norco 10's 4-6 day for last 15 to 20 years. You can quit, but be prepared and get hooked up here as well as NA or AA for support. Take the plunge, the water is sooooo nice when you do come up for air!!! Post and keep us updated.
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Thank yall!!! This is the last time, I won't have any other thoughts!!!

24 hours down!! Still not too bad, but I know the worse is yet to come, but trying to stay busy and not thank about it. Last year 36-48 hours was the worse. The only meds I am taking are cloinide, Advil, Tylenol, anti-diarrheal meds. I have episode salt, water, and Gatorade. Hopefully this will cover it.
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You got the right attitude! I first posted when I had 38 hrs and really had no clue what to expect. Got on here for information and got that and then a lot more. Posting got me through the rough hours and days and meetings really helped as well. Minute by minute, hour by hour, and day by day. Whatever it takes, and never change your mind. The wants seem to still be there but the have to's are gone.  Trust that God put you here at this time for a reason and although you think it will kill you, please know that it won't.
First time in decades I have been clean and hopefully never have to deal with this devil  again. Keep busy, know that it does get better, read and post here and get to meeting. Always love.
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