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21 days off Fentanyl (now I have bad panic and stress) is that normal

I have rect. stopped taking Fentanyl Patches for a cronic condition, I have. (, 21 days now )I am feeling better every day,
after thinking I was going to DIE..
I made it through, this fourm really helped with info and a kind word.
Now what I am wondering is,
Not that the Meds, are out of my system , why the anxiety, and panic, tight chest, .  I have been to the doc, my heart is ok.
so has this happened to others,
I meditate, and breath, and drink tea,
the doc. gave me, buspar but I don't want to take it,
peace and light to every one..
a remember you can do it....
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It is quite possible that the meds are not all out of your system. Fentanyl has a very long half life. Good for you sticking it out. It is a rough road. You should be proud of yourself/
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when I quit my oxycontin and klonopin,I had real bad panic attacks It is from your nervous system being able to feel things again...but not to worry it will settle down after awhile...
Just keep telling yourself it's going to be OK
have a good night...
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You're body is changing and this is a good time for you to understand the feelings that are coming back.  You'll experience more and you'll probably wonder why is this happening...it's all good; your body is healing itself.  

Read the PAWS info contained within this site...some really good info in there.  

BTW - I also stopped patches and understand how hard that was.

Great Job...keep going & keep posting.

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