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24 hours and counting perc WD

So I spent all this morning reading all of your posts on withdrawal symptoms from percs.  I have been taking 5/500, prescribed 4 times a day, but in reality, it turned into about 8-10, for the past 12 months or so.  I've been under the care of my family doctor and a "pain management" doctor (who actually really didn't do anything pharmaceutical for my 2 bulging discs in my lower back, that took my breath away and kept me from functioning as my job as a nurse!  Obviously, 5 mg ceases to be effective after awhile, which is the nature of the beast. My family doc is old school, and wouldn't increase my dosage, even after telling him my current dose was ineffective.

Anyway, it appears we've all been in the same boat.  Long story short, I don't want to take them anymore.  Yes, I am in pain, yes, 800 mg of Ibuprofen is also ineffective AND causes heartburn. But I quit my last nursing job because of my injury last November.  I'm ready to go back to work. I was born to be a nurse, I think - to take care of people.  However, along with nursing job offers also comes pre-employment drug screens.  Yes, I have a prescription, but hate to have to explain my injury and then have them not offer me a job because they know off the bat that I'm damaged goods, so to speak.

So...I took my last pill last night at about 6pm.  I knew what to expect, both as a nurse and as someone who has taken more than was prescribed and ran out before my next RX was due.  It was ridiculous the last time. I wasn't prepared for it that time.  I actually had to ask my sister, the family addict, if I was going through withdrawals. She told me the symptoms I was describing was what happened to her when she WD from heroin. Great!  After reading many posts, and praying for all of you, and for myself, off I went in search of amino acids and immodium!  On my period, so I have the added bonus of cramps, bloating and all that fun stuff!  

So today, in addition to my menstrual relief pills, I have taken 100 mg 5-HTP, 1000 mg L-Glutamine, and 1000 mg DLPA.  Took that at noon and about 7:30pm.  Fortunately I also have .25 mg of Ativan, which I have taken 3 of so far today.  Also had some valerian root that I keep on hand for my insomnia when I don't have Ambien.  Oh, and the Imodium twice.  So far, not so bad.  Just a tad restless, and some sweats earlier.  I had some chicken broth, some Celestial Seasons Tension Tamer tea and an Ensure, just to keep something in my stomach.  Gonna go get in the hot tub after I finish posting this, then shower, take an Ambien and try to sleep.  Tomorrow morning I have an orientation for a state job and I'm really hoping I can keep it together for the 2 hours I have to be there.

My biggest guilt comes from the fact that my husband thinks I stopped taking them 2-4 weeks ago.  He too had been taking percs for pain from surgical scar tissue.  Of course we both felt great until the obligatory watching the clock, waiting for the next one, blah blah blah.  He quit taking them at that time, felt like crap for 3-4 days, and moved on.  I'm either gonna have to come clean or come up with a case of food poisoning or something.  The menstrual symptoms will only carry me so far, and it is allergy season, which could explain away the runny nose...anyway, I'm afraid of being in pain again everyday more than anything.  I know I can get through this right now, its the pain! The Pain!!  I'll let everyone know how its going.  Good luck to all of you!
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Hi~  Well,all I can add to what you're doing is this: Tell your husband. Secrets keep us sick.  I think you'll feel better without that guilt hanging over your head and more lies to cover up!!
Good luck tomorrow!
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I know you mentioned that you are in the medical field and have stomach issues regarding Ibuprofen. Has your doctor prescribed any of the stronger NSAIDS (Meloxicam/Mobic, Toradol injection) in conjunction with Prilosec OTC, etc.? As an addict who also has chronic pain, I've found these of some (limited) use.

Good luck with getting through this - what I've found that helps more than anything else is getting up and around as soon as possible, interacting with others, etc. Forcing yourself to stay up during the day and be active despite the inherent shittiness in doing that helps with getting some sleep with less meds.

@vicki595 Agreed. Honesty is the best policy. And then you can be social, open about what's going on, and utilize your support system (i.e., not isolate).
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I am proud of you!  I love your plan and your determination to get through this.  My mantra when I began my journey of sobriety just a couple of weeks ago was/is THE ONLY WAY OUT IS THROUGH.  You will get through!  I also feared the pain and still do to a certain degree, but it's been better than I thought.  Still in pain and only a couple of days when I was feeling like I couldn't handle it -but I did and it got better.  My husband didn't know anything and I had to come clean with him and he was much better than I ever imagined.  I like what Vicki wrote about how 'secrets keep us sick.' - So true.  Keep busy; being distracted helps alot and exercise helped me with my anxiousness - released those feel good hormones to help me to keep pushing through.  You will do this and we are all here to help!
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