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3 Years Free!

I've been on this forum for several years now, and thought I'd pop by and leave an update. I had been on opiates for about 10 years, suboxone for 5 of them. Sept. 16th, I celebrated 3 years clean and free! Just wanted to share that it is possible. It's hard as hell but so worth it. So for those who are just starting, or feeling stuck, keep at it. I PROMISE it is worth it!

I sucked it up and went to AA and NA meetings, did the 12 steps with a sponsor, changed everything and fought like hell, and I still wanted to go back to the clinic sometimes. But I kept at it. Ultimately, though, God saved my butt from myself. Now I lead a recovery ministry at my church, Celebrate Recovery, and I have peace more days than not. That's more than I could have ever asked for. Recovery is possible!
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Wow welcome back. What an awesome update 3 years clean is fantastic. Congrats on a job well done. I love celebrate recovery.  my husband and I lead a group for a while. It really is an awesome program.
Recovery looks great on you.
Keep on keepin' on
I am very happy for you and so proud of you.
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Fantastic! Congrats!
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This is a wonderful read and I'm so happy for you that you found recovery!!!  If you want recovery it's there...we just don't always realize that. You, my friend, are proof that it works.  Did you ever believe that life could be like this???  I'll take my worst day clean over my best day using....ANY DAMN DAY!!!!  
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