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30 mg oxy a day single dose for year what kind of withdrawls to expect

I have been taking anywhere from 20 mg to 30 mg of oxycodone just once a day usually hour into work to make it through the night with my pain from buldging disc c5 c6 sick of spending the money but mainly want to quit because recently when I take the oxy my heart starts pounding (not from withdraw but while im under the influence of the drug) it always has given me energy but recently ive been having panic attacks when I take the oxy so I decided no more its been 28 hours since my last dose and only withdrawl I feel now is elvated heart rate nothing crazy though I took .25 mg of Xanax and heart rate and anxiety have gone back to normal I have also been severly constipated from the medicine so im guesing when I wake up tomorrow I will have some bad diarrhea what else should I expect
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I am so happy you are doing this!  It's hard but a good choice. Personally, I understand taking the Xanax to try to calm down but that compounds the problem as drug free usually includes benzo's which is easy to develop a problem with. That's just my opinion, of course. If you have anxiety, there are more long term medications that work but you can figure that out down the road. I also think people have the best luck with withdrawal when they taper (in your case, having taken the drug every day, going to every other---  but you aren't having major issues, so perhaps this will work for you just fine!!). If your heart races more or your blood pressure goes up, can you check in with your doctor?

Ya, diarrhea is probably coming, nausea, restlessness, sweating and insomnia. All are pretty typical.  OTC products can help and I'd use them if you need to.  Giving yourself some time and space to get through it too.

I think it is really fantastic you are taking this step.  
since I first posted I notice my stomach really churning but im ok with that so far do you think tmmrw if im feeling pretty sick I should take maybe 10mg of my oxy before work so im not super sick norm would take 30 mg I start work at the 48 hour marc from last dose
also thank you for your help and kind words
just a little update it is now 58 hours since my last dose of 30 mg.. I just got home from work was scared I might get to sick at work so I brought 3, 5 mg pils with me just in case I found myself in a situation throughout the night my stomach has gotten more churns and feels off but nothing to crazy my back feet and neck hurt but nothing to crazy im very happy I made through the night at work without needing to take any of the 3 pills I brought with me. do diarrhea yet but I can tell its prob coming tomorrow when I wake up maybe not though I did smoke I small amount of medical marijuana indica gorilla glue straine only a couple puffs though and it seemed to put me in a much better mood prob not for everyone though ill let you no how tomorrow gos
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If I can do this anyone can do this. The old saying it will get worse before it gets better. But you can do it. Just treat the symptoms drink a lot of fluids, try to move around as much as you can, but also get plenty of rest when you can. Good luck.
Sending you positive vibes.
Please keep us posted on how you're doing.
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Hi again...
I'm sure when you wake up you'll start to experience diarrhea cold chills stomach ache, maybe a headache, like I said just treat the symptoms and do the best you can do. I would suggest not to eat a lot because throwing up may hit you as well and that's not pleasant. Again good luck check back in with us please.
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hey guys thanks so much for feedback and help im at hour 70 since last dose I def have headache now and nose is stuffed up but both are not to bad stomach still churning but no diarrhea would say the worst is my back and legs are pretty sore and the anxiety the first night not knowing what will happen. Im starting a ten hour shift at work as a chef  on me feet at super busy place in 2hours im going to bring two 5 mg pills for emergency  but I don't think I will need them. I think it really in my favor I didn't take these pills to get high and once my tolerance got to the point I could take 30 mg at once I refused to go higher also that I only dosed oc one time a day not every 4 to 6 hours like most ppl are prescribed. I could see how withdrawls could get really bad with just the minor ones im going through ill let you guys no how the night turned out
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ok so heres the update tonight was def the worst I felt so far as I was walking to or half limping to work with my stomach churning like I just ate bad sushi I was thinking to myself this is going to be a long night! stoped at 711 and grabed a bottle of pepto and Tylenol 500 mg poped one of those and took a serving of the pepto. within 20 min my stomach felt much better in about hour my legs and back went from super uncomfortable to just uncomfortable. at tht point I was pretty stoked and new I wasn't going to need the 2 5 mg pills I brought for emergency. of course the thought came into my head you can just take those two pills and you feel completely fine but then another part of me was like one then your back at 0 hours from last dose and second then I have to go tell everyone on this page I broke down and took them. what a nice feeling to come home with them and not need them. now to be honest I also brought a .25 mg Xanax and took that toward the end of the night for anxiety. I no I was advised not to use the Xanax on here but I have been diagnosed with anxiety disorder and panic however I do not use medication for it I treat it with surfing and staying active and meditation style breathing techneques however I have had 3 Xanax bars at home for the past two years that havnt been touched and are saved for that extereme panic or anxiety situation and going through these past few days my anxiety has been pretty high and a small dose at the end of the day has helped a lot.. also Ive been drinking 30 onces of water while working its very hot n the kitchen I work at that seems to help used the pepto 3 times throughout the night but only took the one tylnal and the .25 of Xanax going into day four still no diarrhea which im shocked about still expecting it though maybe not as I right this im about 83 hours from last dose cold turkey
I'm proud of you. And there's no shame in relapsing at least once or even more. We all do that, some just refuse to admit it. I took Klonopin to get through my withdrawals, I still take klonopin because I have severe anxiety. Never be ashamed just keep doing day by day. I've got your back. I would never be disappointed. Good luck keep us posted. Sending you positive vibes. And a hug.
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You may find that your withdrawals aren't as severe as you expect. I went through  a medically assisted detox expecting the worse and it never happened. I was taking far more oxyies that you were. This clinic uses a 7 day suboxone taper protocol to get you through withdrawals. They wouldn't start me on the protocol until I scored high enough on their withdrawal scale. Thing is, I never did score high enough and luckily wasn't put on suboxone. After 3 days of not scoring high enough, the nurse practitioner put me on gabapentin instead of the suboxone.

If you can, ask your Doctor about gabapentin as a means to help with withdrawals. it's non-narcotic and can really help. I am down to 100mg once a day, generally before going to bed. I hope to stop that soon, don't need another dependency.

Gabapentin has been around for a while, originally to treat epilepsy. It is now being studied as an alternative withdrawal treatment although this has not gotten FDA approval as of yet.

It worked for me.

thanks so much ill see how the week gos
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A walk in the park. It will be so easy that you might be tempted to relapse. That is where the work comes in. I relapsed multiple times until I was prescribed and kept on Suboxone for 7 years. A life destroying experience with a full year of physical recovery. Get into something that you enjoy! If you fail to find pleasure in life, a substance may fill the void... You have an easier path than most of us... Good luck with your adventures!!!
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thanks for all the support everyone day four slowly feeling a little better physicaly mentally a little worse
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just an update from hour ago I drank a coffe did some pushups had three glass's over water and smoked small amount of marijuana. my mood is much better and stoked to be on day 4 I no some people this is not an option because they get high and want to get higher on pills and go back but for me this has seriously helped today feeling much better about go9ng to work today my stomach also feels a lot better
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hey everyone today was another success im im really happy I made it to this point this forum really helped a lot and I appreciate everyone that has commented im so glad I found this site! as for work started out feeling pretty good three people told me wow you look like your in a good mood or I can tell your having a good day one peron asked how my neck is feeling and when I answered her she was like wow you have a twinkle back in your eye today your neck must be feeling better none of them I no I toke oxys for a year or that ive been coming off them the past few days ive def been limping around and they all just thought my neck was flaring which it was but there was a lot more to it this week haha but then it had me thinking dam did I must of looked like **** if after only going into my 5th night off them..at about 3 hours into work I got really tired and Back and legs were getting pretty sore so I drank a coffe 160nce black and took 500 mg of Tylenol I try to save Tylenol unlees I really need it just so I can feel how hooked my body was on this and I would consider the withdrawls ive had to be a joke compared to some of the things I read on here thank god I didn't get into suboxone or methadone my friend that nos about this  and is on much higher dose then i was said he could get me some of either and was very happy to have read the horror stories on this site to politely say no thank you. i hope anyone reading what i went through can take away from this is if your not to deep yet pull out now its not as bad as you think however its def not fun however i never missed work and really feel like the worst is over which luckily wasn't so bad tomorrow will be over 100 hours for me i no some people need this drug **** theres days i needed it for legit pain but this should not be taken everyday im lucky to have grown up in south florida to have witnessed what these pills can do and how bad it gets so i was always very carefull but it catchs up quick  live in Hawaii now hrt my neck surfing out here and it sucks any advice on good pain medicine that's not opiate ? advil and tytylenol just don't cut it on bad days before i even was taking oxy that's why i went to that
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Good for you my friend. Keep up the good work. Just remember you're not out of the woods yet. This is a day-to-day situation. Keep up the good work and kick its ***. Sending you positive vibes.
thank you so much!
I'm just checking in to see how you're doing.
It's a rough road to get off of pills it just is. I was on roxy 30s years ago and I liked to had died getting off of those bastards. I'm so over pills. Wishing you the best. Please check in.
Sending you prayers and positive vibes.
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update day 7 and my syptoms have really decreased a lot but something interesting today really wanted to take some pills even though I don't want to if that makes since. wanted to all morning so I decided to smoke weed. .3 gram bowl high potentcy.. all cravings for pills are gone finding this very helpfull
In my opinion, you have already taken the organic steps to relieve your pain. Pills are just for temporary relief and over the counter ones do as much damage if not more.
Do you still have pills in your possession?
hey day 8 now yes I have in possession actually refiled script took my normal dose 8 days ago and between panick attack and only going to bathroom 1 or 2 times a week was then I decided  I need a break. im not done with this medication forever its the only thing ive found to work on my neck pain from buldging disc I have learned a lot though and even though they say take daily I don't feel that that is safe. im giving my body a good break from this stuff and after sometime month or two I will use on emergency basis only... I no most people would say that's a horrible idea youll be back to everyday in no time but im  ot seeking a high from this the high is lame to me because for me to take enough to get hi my anxiety gos into full gear panic mode that ive done to much. if i wanna feel hi i just smoke weed  and that's plenty for me.. i used Xanax for four days to sleep less then mg each time worked great felt good but im not abot to hop on that train so past couple nights havnt touched those either. when i told my buddy back home who is a lot more into oxy does for the high smokes them that i was quiting with a full refill he said your nuts you wont make it past day three well day 8 now my motivation for staying away even though i have had some cravings is simply my health. i have returned to reg bathroom habbits 2 a day and anxiety is lowest its been in a long time and i like that feeling much better. there will be days i want/need the pills but after this detox process i will limit consumption to max of 2 dose a week but shoot for 0.. curious on some feedback to this has anyone been in my shoes where they really do need pain med took as directed for most part never chsed hi but body became dependent because of daily use took a seriouse break and then went to a responsible use of 1 to 7 times a month for severe pain?
Most of us here are all or nothing.  We are addicts and using responsibly is out of the question. Pain management forum may be the better ones to talk to about that.  Weed is out of the question along with having pills in our possession and we cant have using friends in our circle.  Check that forum out too and see what they have to say.  Keep us posted here on how you are doing also.
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