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33 days opiate free

I never thought I'd make it this long. Especially away from the opiates because regardless of other drugs I had around, opiates were the one thing I always had plentiful. My cravings have all but gone away except when I sleep. These crazy nightmares have the stupid pills falling out the sky like a Skittle commercial & I can read every inscription on each pill. Then some unseen voice telling me just once. Lol. Silly brain trying to trick me. I'm sure others have had these type nightmares surely? Still haven't started my NA meetings although I'd like to atleast go once a week. Things are only getting better along with the bank account now so I'm glad I finally did it. Hope everyone has a good day.
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Hi and congratulations on 33 days! The nightmares about the pills will end soon.  Everybody has them. It's just your subconscious mind trying to reconcile with reality. Ignore them. Your reality is clean! Good work! Get started at the meetings and enjoy the extra cash!
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that is awesome!! i cannot wait until i can say that for myself. You made me laugh with the skittle commercial thing, because i have had a similar dream. i woke up thinking good god, even when i can sleep it still tries to haunt me. But on another note, that is a great job!!!!!!! go you <3
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33 days is great.  don't let your brain trick you into using.  it is easier to turn off that voice if you keep really busy.  congrats
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A Hi-Five to you on your 33 Days!

It's great that your cravings are next to nil but they generally do tend to blindside us later on. So, I think it's a great idea that you're planning to get to meetings. Protect all that hard work & the new you!
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Hey  congrats on 33days clean your off to a good start  just remember your disease wants to kill you so get to N/A meetings and find recovery
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Thanks everyone. Yes staying busy has been the key to it i'd say. I work a lot and its a physical job so it helps run that extra energy off and I ride motorcycles in the afternoon a lot if I'm really unable to rest. Bought a new Harley so that'll make anyone feel better lol. The skittle dream tripped me out. Mainly bc it's recurring but it won't trigger me. I've wanted to quit for years bc I felt like I was letting my family down. Hard headed comes in handy with situations like this :) thank you for the kind words and crazy enough I inspired one of my old pill seeking buddies. We will see how he does with time. The NA meetings will happen for sure. Thanks again y'all.
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