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48 Hrs free of vicodin

I have gone 2 days without vicodin and the withdrawls are kickin my butt. The anxiety, restless leg, and inability to sleep are the worst. Any suggestions?
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You're in the thick of things. The pain is part of the process, accept it as the price of freedom.  Freedom to live the life that was meant for you...I can only share my experience.

I was taking 7-8 Vic 7.5 with soma per day. My second and 3rd day were the worst as far as withdrawl.

I got really good music to help me mentally. I took lots of baths for aches and pains..hell i think my hair hurt lol...I took otc sleep med and aleve....I walked a lot...2 3 times per day...i kept in touch with friends on here during....

I have not took one since,,,,,
look up the thomas recipie as well on here (good stuff)...

your body needs to "re-boot" if you can think of it like a computer,,,,
It will shutdown but turn on again,,,,,,but this time it will have a new operating system....one without opiates...

stick with it

I will root for you,,,,,

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Congrats on DAY 2 :o)  That is huge in the world of opiate withdrawal.  For Restless Legs try Hyland's Restful Legs, it is over the counter (I got it at CVS) For Anxiety, try Valerian Root, I got this at a vitamin store i.e. GNC.  As for sleeping, I found Melatonin about 15mg per night 30 minutes before I wanted to go to sleep.  It helped me out a lot.  If you want, I can PM you with a full list of vitamins, over the counter remedies and supplements that people on this site suggested to me.  Good luck, we are all rooting for you on here.  If you ever want to talk, PM me or just post.  
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Thank you for the encouragement. I am in an undesireable position. I am on the road with my bf who is a truck driver so exercise is hard to come by and I can't just hop in a hot bath anytime I need to. been drinking a lot of water and Gatorade and takin valerian root though I don't feel it's helping much with sleep.  Just listening to music and reading everyone's stories and tryin to block out the withdrawl symptoms and the pain from my herniated discs in my back. Anyways. Thanks again.
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That would be wonderful. Thank you.
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We have a lady on the forum who also went thru wd's in a truck.  Let me look her up and i will get back to you....
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She has some good info on what she did so check out her profile page and her posts.

You are doing great so keep it going!
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Hi I just wanted to give you some support...Good Job..Just ride the wave it does pass..The Body and Mind needs time to heal..Hey I have a Net Friend on here called TruckersWife18..She would be so good for you..She did this in A Big Rig on the Road too...I will have her check you out..She sure likes to help and on the Road..That has to be a tough one..But this here shall pass..Hang Tight and watch out for the UFOs...Ha!!!!
Roger over and Out!!!!
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I beat you to the punch!!!!!!
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Congratulations on day 2, that's HUGE!

Can you take NSAIDs (with food) for your back for a little while? Even an Advil or two.  Also, try walking at the truck stops. Loosen up your back. My doctor said our discs in our spine swell up with inactivity. When we walk and/or move for awhile the fluid goes down in our discs and relaxes the pressure on the nerves.

Coming off of Opiates gives us a broken sleeper for awhile. Don't expect real good sleep for a week or so. You got some good info above to help you with that. Doze off when you can. Don't try to force sleep. It only rises the anxiety level and adds to the WD symptoms. I decided to be tired naturally and let my body do it's thing for awhile (but that's me). Eventually sleep came.

Congratulations on your decision to get your life back! You can do this. Keep posting!
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Yeah I've been taking advil. Not seeming to help much.
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Walking is what helped me the best. Before I got my ESI injection, I got up in the middle of the night and went on my treadmill just to get the swelling down.
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OK..Sarah and I were on the same Wave..I gave her a PM to look you up..OK..Good Job..and you have to choice but to Ride it out..Ha!
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Hello hun and welcome to the site
I'm the fellow trucker momma they told you about
It is harder out here on the road but it is doable!!!!

I sent ya a PM a Friends request and a Note

As for the exercise out here stop at any rest area or truck stop that time will allow ( I know about on times out here) just walk a little ya know as much as time will allow
We have 3 dogs in the truck with us ( had 4 when I was WD)
So I walked the dogs with my hubby when we stopped
Also we always park in the back 40 so it's a long walk to the bathroom and food !!! LOL
I did a taper off hydro( Norco) it was a fast taper but did make WD easier IMO
But I CT off Oxycontin an we took a 4 day weekend an stayed in a hotel so I would have a bathroom j knew that would be much rougher getting off of hten hydro
I lived on GatorAid and VitaWatee (Revive it's punch flavor an has lots of B vitamins ya need
Also nutrition shakes and bananas for the RLS, honey I had restless everything. Talk about fun both of us sleepin in that bunk together
If y'all have a bouboe bunk maybe u should sleep in one an him in the other unless your like us and the top bunk is storage and microwave fridg food etc.. LOL
Our Erig is a KW an we have one bunk but hubby built a nice shelf above where top bunk would be
Also what ever you feel like eating have him run and grab it for ya if he will
My poor hubby was running to all the restaurants around the truck for me
I really pub him thru a hard time but he was wonderful
Also I know your boyfriend is tired after driving 600-700 or more miles a day but if he will have home massage your legs and bqck everyhig he will massacge!!! LOL
It really helps I know we would run our 14 hour rule? Hahaha
And hubby would be so tired but what ever I needed or wanted he did for me
I hope yours is as understanding as mine was
I also for four days stright get lucky an have casinos all by the trucks tops we took our 10 hour break at an hubby would get me up an go to the casino that way I got LOTS of exercise an really ya can go on very very little money... Just walk around an play a few games here or there
Depends on where ya run
Anyway I know what ur going thru an I feel for u
PM me back. I'm here for support an anythign I can help u with

Hey we might even run into each other out here!!! LOL

Take care hun
You CAN DO This!!!!!

Over an Out
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Welcome to this forum!!  So glad you have decided to get off the vics and change your life..... I just finished reading all the above comments on your thread here.....aren't ALL THESE PEOPLE just AMAZING, WONDERFUL, COMPASSIONATE & HELPFUL?

I've been around here for less than a year and I still find that I have these moments where I am "totally overwhelmed" with my love and gratitude for this forum and the people's hearts that make this particular forum what it is.

You have been given some excellent advise about diff things to try to assist you thru w/drawals....the first 100 hrs are the toughest for most.  I also read thru the Health Pages (bottom of this page) and read as many articles as I could to help me learn what things would help me.  Here's a link that has info in it not only about amino acids, but some sleep tips, etc.  I used the nervine botanicals mentioned in this article as well as melatonin and generic benedryl.


I'm a recovering addict of hydrocodone, too, and at my worst was up to 20-30 (10 mg) pills/day.....I've been clean for a bit over 10 months now....and if I can do it....YOU CAN TOO.....PROMISE....

Hope you will keep posting.....we we be here for ya~
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