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7.5 Months Pain Pill Free

I haven't posted in a while, but I still read a lot. I just wanted to post because I just realized that I am 7.5 months pain pill free! I lost track a long time ago, and had to look at my ticker to say how long it has been. It has gone by extremely fast for me. I am glad to say that my brain no longer even thinks about pain pills. I feel normal, happy, and working on extremely healthy. I have decided that I quit the Norco long enough now that I am ready to start quitting my cigarette habit. I am not able to do this cold turkey however. Funny how quitting the pain pills was far easier than quitting smoking! I thought when I started that it would be the other way around! Anyway, my doctor put me on Wellbutrin for depression due to some personal aspects of my life, and that is actually helping me reduce my cigarette intake. One thing that I have gotten since I quit taking the pain pills though is high blood pressure. So, now I have to take something for that, but it's not addictive. Just gives really bad dry mouth. Did anyone else get high blood pressure after quitting opiates? Just curious.
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Congrats on the 7.5 months, i did end up with high blood pressure also . Its been 9 months for me, i havent been back to the doctors to see if it has changed, they gave me some meds for it but i never took them. has your bp lowered any.
I just started taking them 2 weeks ago. It's called Benazapril, and he started me on a relatively low dose. He checked my bp every month for the past 7 months, and it didn't lower, that's why he started me on them. I think it helps a bit, unless I move around a lot, or exert myself, I feel my blood pressure rise and my heart pounds, it's kind of weird. I will have it checked again in two weeks. Did yours lower on it's own? Or do you still have high bp? Weird how that happened. Never had high bp before with the norcos lol.
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hey good to see you  Great to see you clean....it always makes me happy to see someone have victory over this deadly disease....your doing great please share how your staying clean..(what aftercare )...isent it great to not be chained to a bottle of pain pills
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Congrats on 7 and a half months That is Fantastic ! I wish you well on your continued Journey.. lesa
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