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8 weeks clean off opiates

Still going, can't thank everyone here enough for all the support. Yall have a good day!
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wondered where you went glad to hear all is good best wishes..
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Happy to hear its gling good stick with Iit!!
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Way to GO Madmax..!!!!

Now we can name you Happymax real soon. lol
Always keep that Armour on at all times against this beast of Addiction. Life will have it's ups and downs and this is when you will have to carry that Sword with you too..Ha!

Proud of YOU..You worked very hard to get this far..Keep Going!
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Hurray for you!!!  8 weeks is awesome!!!  It really does get better once we decide to take our lives back!!!  Congrats!!  ♡
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Il let you know when to change the name Vic ha, still at war just with myself now. Get those urges to escape at the end of a long day, my addict mine really wants me to take up beer. Yes still here, still going strong just figured I'd post each week for the ones who are just starting their recovery that way they can see some success I guess. Hard to believe I've gone 2 months, who would have guessed.
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Hey congrats on 60 days  that is ausum...your off to a great start just keep doing what your doing it is working for you...Have you started aftercare yet???  as always I recamend the N/A progam  it will help you with the 2/3rds of this  that it is the ''mental mindscrew'' that brings most people down this is a critical part of recovery  thanks for posting and keep us up to date your recovery helps more then you think
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Amazeballz max! Glad to hear you're pushing through Brotha.  That's all you can do...look forward and apply all action in a positive proactive manner!

NA, can't hurt. All venues open for exploration; you'll know what's right for you.  It'll just "fit" and you'll be comfortable.

Hugs. Strength. ((((8))))
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