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Hey,  I would like to have peoples views on addiction being a disease.  I have had this DRILLED into my head so much, I am beginning to believe that it is a self fulfilling prophecy.  I do not want to live in a world where I am forced to view myself as sick.  Is it possible that back in the day, when addiction was marked a disease that they didn't know what to call it?  How we were all just classified as sick people so there was an excuse for our behavior.  So really we are all walking around making a terrible excuse? I'm starting to this I am an alcoholic/addict is just an excuse.  We are sick people trying to be well.  If we keep telling ourselves that, then wouldn't it come to be?  I think EVERYONE can benefit from the 12 steps but this telling myself every day that I have a disease and am sick is for the birds in my eyes. These are the questions I am asking myself lately. I find it hard to believe that it is so cut and dry. What are your views/thoughts?
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I think addiction is a symptom that results from a disease of body, mind and/or spirit. In most cases it is secondary to the underlying problem. It starts out as the cure, but can quickly become the problem. Your brain switches just like Vic said above, and then there is no turning back. It is definitely a compulsion, but a disease? Not sure about that. However,  it is an epidemic.
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Recently I was reading about adult ADD and addiction to opiates. Very interesting to learn more about the complex brain. What do you guys think?
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Addiction is classified as a disease. It fits the definition because it's progressive and can end in death if untreated. As far as being sick, well, a person IS sick when in the throes of addiction. But, like other diseases, if treated it can go into remission.  

We've known for a long time now that addiction is not a moral failing but a chemical disease. Treating addiction requires much more than abstinence and willpower...but that's a whole other subject...

Once in treatment and sober, I don't consider myself as being sick at all. You shouldn't either.  And...it really shouldn't be drilled into your head everyday. That's not necessary...unless you're still using.    All the best!
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I just wanted to rewrite this b/c I think this is a point that's overlooked ALOT....Vicki595:  Treating addiction requires much more than abstinence and willpower!!!!!!

Treating addiction requires much more than abstinence and willpower!  I love this statement!
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certainly the brain goes through changes but fact is:

ethanol (present in ALL alcoholic beverage) is an addictive SUBSTANCE.  EVERYONE has the potential of becoming addicted when exposing themselves to an addictive substance.

ALL addiction is progressive and ALL addictions can end in death

Alcohol is a drug, an addictive drug like the others.  One doesn't say a person addicted to cigarettes has a disease, nor do I hear that other drug addicts have a disease - rather it's called addiction

My Mother was an alcoholic until the day She died.   My Son was an alcoholic AND a drug addict until the day He died of an accidental drug overdose (acute phentanyl  intoxication).  They were both addicted to their drug of choice.

I mean NO disrespect to anyone.  Opinions differ on this topic and I'm only stating my own opinion.  I  'earned',   'learned'  my opinion the hard way.

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ethanol (alcohol) is a neurotoxic psychoactive DRUG

as are:  sedatives, hypnotics, and narcotics - all are addictive drugs
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