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HAY all... Just ME again looking for any answers as to WHY after 18 days off of Norco 8-10 day x's 3 years (for 2 back surgeries) I feel so anti-social??? I find it HARD to "get out of the house" although I DO feel better when I DO, it's the "act" of "getting my butt in gear" to GET OUT and DO SOMETHING... ANYTHING......Any responses would be appreciated..

thanks for listening and look forward to any responses to my "anti-social behavior issues"
Does it get better with time and how long before I am "self-motivated"???
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The pills give all of us (or any doc) a false sense of courage and well being so your probably going through the funk of wd causing depression,little motivation..etc When we are "high" we feel like everything is doable and we are the "best" at doing everything!!!lol don't forget it's going to take your mind a little while to catch up w/ your body in terms of feeling "back to normal" this feeling should start subsiding with time but try getting out getting a little exercise keep your mind off sh   it get those natural endorphins in your brain kicking and I'll bet you'll feel at the very least a little better. I know your probably thinking exercise...is she crazy( cause that's exactly what I thought) but once I took the advice and tried it I DID feel better I just had to push myself to do things and eventually I came back..73 days clean 2day. You may also want to start thinking about counseling or aftercare where you can talk things out and get some educated info....Keep it up: )
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thanks for your response.... I have been getting out and riding my horse and walkiing but it's the "getting out of the house" thing thats got me stooped...
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If your not feeling energized enough to go shopping, for a ride,visit a friend..maybe you could call someone (who doesn't use) to come over to you for a coffee or just conversation?? Try calling sm 1 and talk on the phone for a bit anything to get your mind off of "it" for awhile /give yourself time it will all work itself out! Have you thought about counseling?? Try getting in the car for a ride grab a coffee and go to one of your favorite places beach,park,lake...anything! HANG IN THERE
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