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Okay, so I haven't exactly been around the world, but I've come further in the past 6 months than I did in 6 years!  I've learned so much about patience, acceptance, forgiveness.  I've learned that the only person who can define me, is ME.  And that love and compassion are what make us strong.  This forum is one of the many tools that has taught me that we are all connected.  
Mother Teresa said "We will not find peace until we realize that we belong to one another."  
Wise, wise woman.

I hope that you all feel on this forum a commonality of experience that shows you that you are NOT alone, that you CAN reclaim your lives, and that you will ALWAYS be supported.  Sobriety takes hard work and faith.  My mantra every day is
Wherever you are on your journey, know that you deserve to be happy and healthy, that it can be a choice.  And most of all, know that you are worth it....That your life is worth it.
Much love to all...
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Congratulations...And what can I say? You were central in my recovery; when I celebrate days clean I always think of you, Vicki, Sara, and on and on.
I always look for your posts; your support and advice is always spot on.
You deserve all the happiness in the world.
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And may you continue to go with a spirit that fears nothing~~~
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