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About an hour ago i found myself scared to sleep i was sitting on my couch haveing an anxiety attack brought on by the room i sleep in and wanting to sleep in it and jist sleep. My friend shows up with some food and some how i found myself capable of eating and i ate alot untilll. i felt bloated anf now im lieing in bed getting ready to sleep while typing this. i guess the food either was the reson why i was freaking or maybe eating just got my mind off of it. i was never a big eaterand ima healthy person well as healthy as a funtioning addict can be but anyway i though ti might share that with anyone who migh be having anxiety problems. i think the biggest thing is just changing your stat of mind.

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an AA term used is HALT

H ungrey
A ngry
L onely
T ired.

Those are triggers for us.  
Try to take care of those and many times our panic, cravings etc go away
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Seriously i didnt know that i mean  i did kind of i guess but yeh your a hundred percent correct but why would thnkin bout sleep freek ne out and then i eat end evrything os better could it reallu be the hnunger or coudl the sleeo freak ne out
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