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I have been taking Percocots 7.5/325, tablets per day with 1 oxyneo 10 mg at night....I am trying to figure out something non-opiate to work for MS pain.  I am terrified of the withdrawals from stopping because I went through a similar experience when I went up north and forgot my meds and had to go to a hospital to obtain my prescription.,  
Do you have any advice for finally changing into a non-narcotic medication lifestyle?  I have been taking them for about five years.I am able to function and get through the day quite well with these meds but I am afraid of long term use.
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Hi there-  how much Percocet are you taking per day?

Do you want to stop all of your pain meds?  What are you afraid of specifically? You've already been taking these long term. Are you worried about addiction?
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R u abusing the meds?I ask because u didnt mention that.u have MS I hear thats very painful.Please do research on tramadol because thats probably the1st thing ur dr will recommend and Ive heard NOTHING good about them.They r way more difficult to come off of than percs,take a lot longer,dnt give the same amount of relief and drs r not educated on them and how addictive they are.I say that because drs throw them at patients w/no knowledge because they r not considered an opiate.
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For my own knowledge what is the med u take at night Im not familiar w/it.
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"I am able to function and get through the day quite well with these meds but I am afraid of long term use."

If it improves your quality of life I wouldn't feel guilty about it. You have a genuine reason for being on pain meds. If it makes life livable go with it.

What about steroids? Have they tried that? Good luck and keep in touch.
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how about lyrica or neuontin? I had something similar to MS, and the lyrica helped a lot.

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thanks for your reply, you were asking what the Oxyneo is?  It is the medication that replaced oxycontin for a slower release,  I only take 10 mg at night.  

I have tried Lyrica and Tramadol with no success.....

The only thing I am afraid of is finding something that works that is non narcotic and the withdrawals of stopping them.....

thanks for all the replies......have a good day.......
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