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Advice PLEASE!!!

I was recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.  It took 10 years and me investigating to prove I had EVERY symptom to my PCP, Pain Center Doc, and Psychiatrist (major anixiety) and it all ties in together.  Before I figured it out and proved my case I received 5 injections in my back that of course failed and an ablation on my SI Joint that of coursed failed.  I will always live in pain and I am okay with that.  I was taking 8 10/325 of Percocet a day. Of course they did not help because with Fibromyalgia there is no pain relief. The doc lowered them to 4 of the 10/325 a day but I would cheat and take 7 because I could not stand the feelings I was having.  The horrid leg pain, shakes, cold sweats, fever, and etc.  I went to my Pain Doc and was honest, I have worked in healthcare for 13 years, I told him I have NEVER EVER taken a narcotic for anything and I have had some HUGE procedures.  I told him I wanted off of them.  I have been on them for a year.  He then put me on 5/325 4 times a day.  I feel awful.  I am a full-time worker, student, business owner, a mother to 6, and a wife to a Saint.  He is trying to help me but I am so mean right now.  I have lost the fun, energetic, happy me.  I want me back!!!!  How do I do this???? I told the doc the truth of why I took the Percocets.  They gave me a high, they relaxed me, and made me in a good mood which I haven't been in a long time but then again when they wear off I am aggitated and bitchy.  He gave me muscle relaxers which are suppose to help with the withdrawals and  now I am on Fibromyalgia medicine. I do not know if all this is in my head.  I am so sick right now and I have to be a wife, mother, employee, student, and etc.  How am I suppose to function???  They told me 48 hours with withdrawals.  I NEVER EVER wanna see a narcotic again in my life.  I truly feel or I am a drug addict. I NEVER thought I would be this :(. I try and explain to my family what is going on but nobody truly understands.  Please, please give me your thoughts, your advice, or whatever you can tell me.  I just want my life back and I want the honest truth from someone who has been through this.  What is gonna happen next???  Is there anything else to make it easier. I begged my husband to put me in Rehab and he is such the love of my life.  He is so patient, loving, and standing by me every step of the way.  I thank God for him everyday!!!!  I hate this feeling.  I am sorry to bother you but my legs are one of the worse and I try to explain it and nobody understands.  I also am on a sleepn med for insomnia, part of Fibromyalgia, and it is not even helping right now.  Again, sorry to bother you but can you give me any ideas of how to get through this any easier???? I would so appreciate it.
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Hi there. Your story brings me to tears! So, are you going to de rehab?
Meanwhile, I am on the start of Day 5, thanks to this forum, and my desire to quit.

How long have you been without meds? This acute stage won't last forever. But you need hubby to take care of things while you withdrawal.

Get the items in the Thomas recipie to ease physical symptoms.

You can do this. Post here often. Some here have years clean and help you. Everyone knows what you are going through, and you will get encouragement. Pain pills are the devil, they slowly steal your life, and look at it at a chance to get your life back.
Hot baths with Epsom Salts for legs, or, some members know an OTC product.
They told me the worse would be over around 5 days. I think for me, a little longer, but today's already better than yesterday.
One hour at a time.
Keep posting!!!
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Hi and welcome. First, are you still taking any pills? If so your body will level out soon. If not, you can expect the worst to be over after 3-5 days. If you can read the Thomas recipe at the bottom right if this page. It has a ton of helpful tips. Hot baths are great for that creepy crawling, and pain. I froze thru my wd but most have sweats. You will need Imodium for the bathroom issues. It also will help you feel a little better too. Gatorade for hydration. Ensure or boost for nutrition if you can't eat. Move as much as you can. Exercise helps so much. Walking around the house helped those first days when I couldn't get out. And be prepared for some insomnia, even with the sleep aid. I read this page endlessly. Knowing what I was going thru was normal helped ease the fear. Not to mention the endless support. Hang in there. Post here and let us know how you are doing. Or just for support.
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No, I am not in rehab
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welcome!  can't add much to the above posts...just wanted to lend my support....the hot baths with epsom salts are awesome for achy body and RLS....i was taking 2-3 a day.....

you will get thru this.....i started to see a diff in about 5 days...not great but a bit better each day....just keep posting here for support....we are here for you!  this site helped me get to 51 days clean!  i'm still so new in recovery but we can fight together!  
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You have no idea how blessed I am to finally find support.  I am scared. I do not know what the hell is happening. Like I said I have never ever taken a pain med and now I am addicted.  I am still on 5/325 instead of the  10/325.  I was taking 7 of the 10/325 a day and now lowered to 4 of the 5/325 but I take extra because I cannot handle the withdrawals.  I am usually a strong, fighting woman and have never been so sad and weak in my life.  I took 3 this morning when I am only suppose to take 4 a day.  Yes, I already have insomnia and have been on a sleeping pill for years but it is not helping.  I feel me sweating, shaking, nausea, and the leg pain is so darn horrid throughout the night.  I am trying to fight it and stick to my dose but I can't. I can't hardly work and scared I am going to lose my job of 13 years.  I do not want my 6 kids to see me like this.  I am also a full-time student and we own a business.  My husband is trying so hard but like I said I hate me right now.  I was the fun, very involved, goofy, and etc kind of mom and now I just am bitchy and irritable.  I ordered that Withdrawal Ease from this sight.  It seems all natural but what are your thoughts??? Please, I am up for any advice.  Thank you again so much for replying and I thank God I have found this sight.  I do not see the light at the end of the tunnel but I think it is starting to shine now that I have met others that have gone through this because I fell so alone like nobody around me understands.  The kids just gripe that I always sleep and never feel good.  No matter how much I sit them down and try to explain they still don't get it. I was always the mom that went to every sport, school, and etc event. I have missed stuff this year for the first time.  I am so frustrated and disappointed in myself.  I keep saying I am a fighter and WILL NOT let this win but right now I feel I am letting it win.  I never ever wanna see a narcotic again.
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I begged him to take me to rehab so my children and him do not see me go through this but he won't. He said he will stand by me, take care of me, and help me every step of the way.  I am so blessed to have him but yet I have been so mean to him lately.  I want to cry all the time and I DO NOT cry.  I always laughed and acted goofy that I am mom to millions and now look, I am a junkie or at least I feel like one.  I wish I could throw them away but they are weaning me.  I cannot tell you enough times how thankful I am for all of you. I finally feel like I can do it.  God has found me angels to help me!!!!  Thank you all so very much.  I will do whatever you all tell to get me off these damn things.  But I still am on them and I abuse the lower dose because I am having withdrawals but I am trying to ease them.  The Pain Center I go to is strict, which I understand because of the drug abusers, but I keep everything open and I am very very honest.  
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Thank you so much. I feel like I finally have support and help.  I keep repeating myself because I am not sure who has read what, lol.  I am still on them.  I try and follow the dose but I take extras to make the withdrawals not so bad. All I wanna do is sleep and hide from everyone until I am over this.  I have become who I said I would never be.  You all have no idea how blessed I am to finally have found people that understand.  It is like God has sent me angels because I sure need all the support and help I can get.  I keep telling my Pain Center doc to help me please but he finally put me on Fibromyalgia meds and I take 6 muscle relaxers that are suppose to help with the withdrawals but they don't.  
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At this point I wonder if you wouldn't be better off just stopping all together.  It sounds like you are just prolonging the agony. When I first figured out I was addicted I was shocked! Never occurred to me. I ran out of pills in the weekend. My husband even asked should we pick them up before the pharmacy closes? I said no, ill just go Monday. Wow! I had no idea. It took me 4 months to find the courage to go thru wd. I found this site day 2. Once I knew what to expect, it helped with the fear. That, for me, made thus whole process easier. I'm day 39 now. I think. I will never go back. I have fibromyalgia, and chronic pancreatitis, so I will always have pain. But I will find different ways to deal with it. You will get thru this. It's better on the other side. Keep reading here. Even on the days I didn't post, I read others for hours. The tips and support are awesome.
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Again, thank you thank you thank you. So what do I do??? Should I be tough and keep weaning but like you said I keep cheating to fight the withdrawals.  I am going to have my husband hide them again.  I just have to fight. I read the Thomas detox info.  I am going to do the hot baths as many times as I have to.  No more pity for me.  I can do this.  So, should I be tuff and stick to the 4 a day and keep letting them wean me. I am so scared to stop cold turkey because I am still on a lower dose and the withdrawals are horrid.  Did you see those (it looks like vitamins) called withdrawal ease.  It has physicians leaving positive comments and it looks all natural. There is a day time dose and a night time.  Believe it or not I am so scared of new meds. I know sounds crazy eh??? lol.  I ordered it because I am that desperate. Do you think you could find that, read it, and give me your thoughts???  So you quit cold turkey?? I am so proud and astonished!!!!  I wish I had your  courage. How long did you feel the effects?  Plus you have Fibromyalgia and that is so helpful considering I am dealing with that one too lol.  
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I cannot wait to be done and on the other side.  I have been waiting for this for such a long time.  I cannot believe it takes strangers to finally understand, talk to me, stand by me, and support me.  I thought since he lowered my dose I would do my own weaning my way but Jen you are so right.  I am making excuses and prolonging the agony and I think it is because I am so scared and tired of feeling sick.  Even though I am still on them and it is not even half of what I was taking I am so sick and that is why I am scared to stop completely.  I had LapBand a year ago because I had never been so big and my health was AWFUL for 37. I lost my father at a young age and was damned if I did that to my own children.  The heartache I still endure after 15 years is awful.  So I am down 100pds.  So I went from 240 down a 100 pounds very quickly and I lost a lot of that being on narcotics and I have had the worse year being so darn sick.  I love the new me but with these narcotics I look too thin, dark circles, pale, and etc.  I am like uuuuuuugh lol.  Everyone else says I look great but when I look in the mirror I see a sick chic, lol.  I am so confused and lost on how to conquer this. I wanna be on the other side with all of you so much I cannot even explain.  I do not know how to get motivated again. I am so used to being the care taker of everyone and now I need taken care of.  I am so frustrated but I am sure you all went through the same emotions.  Sorry to keep posting I hope I am not being a bug :)
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I cannot wait to say I have been clean for 50 days.  I am so impressed and proud of you.  All of you are like my idols and cannot wait to get back to me.  My family cannot wait to get me back either.  Sorry to keep buggn everyone but it just feels so good to have support of people that understand what this horrible horrible med can do to someone.  I am lost because I am still on them just a lower dose but I cheat just to make the withdrawals not so bad.  Uuuuuugh, I am beyond frustrated and wish I had some magic wand that could poof me back to me.
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Well I tried to taper. I was like you, took more to ease my wd symptoms. So I waited for my husband to go to work (he would have caved and got my pills)and just stopped. The worst was over in about 3-5 days. I took my lunesta for the first month to help with sleep, then quit that too. My husband says I have a ton more energy since stopping my pain meds. For my pain I take ibuprofen 600s and drag a heating pad around with me. Still take a hot hot bath before bed. I looked up the wd ease too. To me it just sounds like the Thomas recipe in a bottle. Maybe someone else on here has tried it. I was ok once I knew what to expect. That my symptoms were normal.
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I tend to agree with Jen. Seems as if you're prolonging the agony. Plus, no offense, but Your're taking extra, so maybe you aren't strong enough to wean? I'm not. Had to ct from 200-300mgs roxies. I'm weak. No way I could taper.

I have severe pain with surgery planned next month. But I have noticed, the pain is no more than my last few months on Roxie's.. They quit working for pain. Just robbed me of my personality.

I'll let someone else chime in on the withdrawal ease. Personally, am skeptic. For so many, the Thomas recipie, along with support worked. No miracle anywhere, but it's doable!!

Keep posting!
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Hot baths for the leg pain, other people on here told me potassium is good for the restless legs so I bought bananas and it did help with the RLS, one day at a time, I went ct, I'm too weak to wean if the pills were I'm the house I would have taken them
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