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Advice on kicking this crack addiction please!

Just would really like advice or past experience on how to not take crack I can't control it at the moment and it's been taking over my life for too long
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You cant do this alone.  Have you reached out to any aftercare help?  Using is only a symptom of what you have going on here.
Hi and thanks for ur reply, I am currently in drug treatment for my heroin use but it's the crack I'm really having issues with, my key worker advises me to attend support groups but I'm not sure how these would help me cut down/quit.  
I hope your day is going great. Have you tried Suboxone or Subutex? I had a friend that was addicted to crack, it was so bad. If you noticed I typed the word HAD. He Overdosed. Gone. I'm a little mad at him right now.
Bless you. Please for your loved ones, and first and foremost, do this for yourself.  Life's Too Short. Live your life everyday like it's your last day.  
Sending you positive vibes. You got this.
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We hope that you return and let us know how you are doing.  We want to support you.
Hi and thanks for your reply, I'm doing ok just trying to fight this as best I can,  also it would feel great to know that there is support out there if there is limited people you can talk to about these issues without being judged,  but I do feel the times I have really wanted advice I just seem to be had a go at. I know it's not a quick fix as I have been fighting addiction for years but sometimes it's good to be able to talk about tier addiction.
Sometimes people speak bluntly.  It works for some and it is off putting to others.  Members here have the best intentions of supporting you, I promise!  Please keep connecting and reaching out.  We care about you.  
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No one is judging you.  I know you have been battling this for a long time and it is time to try something different.  Doing it your way isnt working.  I want to see you finally be able to live a sober life.  Are you getting any counseling?
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I found the only way I could get a handle on my using was...
A Go on the methadone program to stop my opiate use...
B Move away from the City & everyone I knew to stop my speed use, that included both my parents... I still have a wee blow out here and there & for me personally that keeps me on the straight and narrow but I do realize that it's probably not the best way or safest way to go & hopefully one day illl be a straighty 180 too lol ..I just struggle sometimes after years of using, the chasing, the ups & downs, the drug dreams, anxeity... to find anything really thrilling or calming anymore... Hopefully this will change in time... But for now it's one day at a time and one moment at a time... Love & Light xx
Hey Stacey,
Your comment worries me. I worry about your wee blowouts. I hope you can pull i that earth energy from below, and that cosmic energy from above, and learn to heal what still hurts, and cope with the journey.  your wee blowouts are just a symptom of something bigger, and I worry that one wee one may sometime turn to a maxi one.

I am sad that you can't find anything thrilling or calming. Maybe you are not looking in the right place.  Have faith in yourself. I hope you find my comment helpful and not preaching. I have learned so much over this journey. I have learned to take care of the inner child that I neglected for so long.

If you are not familiar with the inner child and how we neglect her, check out this website, I think you can do a search for it. This site is awesome for some inner strength and calmness.


Thanksg Lily xx
I do appreciate your comment & thoughts, it's nice to know that there are others out there who can heal & change for the better. My inner child is something I definitely have to go back over & learn to grieve, forgive & see the world as I once did even if it was only for a tiny part of my childhood. I will definitely read this link you have added. If I'm honest I worry too as one day I'll have to move back to the City & what then, will I have the tools & willpower to say no when my brain tells me this or that would be a good idea & make me happy. I really don't want to be in my 40s and still doing these things! Meeting's don't work for me either as the talking about drugs & people's stories makes me feel itchy... Thank you for your love & Support. Stacey. x
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Well.....unfortunately, I think the time for coddling is over?  The time of looking for the easier, softer way is over.  You know this and I know this.  The only way your going to succeed is TO PUT EVERYTHING DOWN.  There's no way around it.  You obviously are not someone that can use successfully, neither am I.  Some of us can't and we're called ADDICTS.  Going from one drug to another, trying to slow down (but not quit), trying to control usage....these are ALL OBVIOUS CHARACTERISTICS OF AN ADDICT.  Why are you so not willing to acknowledge this?  Is there something about that word that you don't like?  Some type of embarrassment that you're worried about?  There is NO SHAME in being an addict....there is however shame in not doing anything about it.  

I've seen people on this site tell you what you need to do.....you just choose not to do it.  So in all honesty, it's on you.  You know what you have to do......I KNOW YOU DO!  
Thanks for your comment, I think. Of course I'm an addict I wouldn't be on this site if I wasn't,  I didn't think asking for advice would come back with a kick up the ass. Not sure what your intentions were with your comment. I'm just an addict trying to reach out for help and advice, and something short of a miracle wouldn't go a miss.
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My hope is that you’ve been given the right words to make the desired changes you want.  Have you thought about in patient treatment?  So you can string some time together not using? Just an idea.  When I had trouble quitting heroin and methadone I would listen to music with headphones.  It quieted down the noise of wanting to use.  It may sound odd but this has been effective for many things like gambling and weight loss for me.  Do you have a journal you write in?  Sometimes writing down your struggles helps.  I really feel for you.  Wanting to quit and having a hard time quitting sucks.  I believe if you talk about it enough you will make changes.  Having a desire to quit is the beginning of change. Keep posting your struggles cause you are worth it.
Hi and thanks so much for the wise words, I do have a journal on my phone which I enter certain things in about my drug use. I will try the music. I seem to get all emotional when I listen to music I guess it's feelings which are normally stored away. I'm still trying and live in hope. Thank you
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It is a struggle.  I think it helps to have a daily check in with others that are trying to stay clean whether a meeting or here with people that are clean or fighting to stay clean.  
how you doing Bonny_T?
Hi there a late reply I know but still kind of the same,  do you know of a website or forum where I could connect with people going through the same as me I mean I write posts on here about my issues but surley I  could connect with people another way. I'm not sure. Just feel so alone with my addiction really.
Hi Bonny_T.  So wonderful for you to check in and to hear from you.  I"m happy to talk to you here and can talk to you every single day!  I'll make it a point to check on you!!  You are so not alone, honey. We all have things we are fighting and working on.  It's lifelong. And sometimes we win and sometimes we are still struggling.  Meetings like AA are online right now, virtual.  Maybe that would help you.  You can pm as well which is private message.  Feel free to hit me up with that.  I want to connect with you.  Are you still using crack?  I think I am reading in this thread that it is still a struggle.  No judgement.  The way I look at it is that we take steps.  Small steps.  And every day we just try to work on it without worrying about tomorrow or yesterday.  Small steps to becoming victorious over this addiction.  Hit me up for conversation and connection and we'll get through it.  hugs
I'm checking on you Bonny.  How are you honey?
Hey there, aw thank you so much for taking the time out to check in on me, it means a lot to me does that.  Yes sadly that's right, I'm struggling with this crack addiction. Wish I had a more upbeat reply but sadly not at this time. But I live in hope that I will beat this : -)
Bless you and thank you x
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How are things going Bonny?
Hi there a late reply I know but still kind of the same,  do you know of a website or forum where I could connect with people going through the same as me I mean I write posts on here about my issues but surley I  could connect with people another way. I'm not sure. Just feel so alone with my addiction really.
You arent alone Bonny.   Have you made any changes in your life since we all talked last?
Hi well I'm now on a methadone script have been since last October,  but I'm not in a great place when it comes to crack addiction,  wish I could of answered you with a more positive reply, but it is what it is, sadly.
I guess that wasn't the answer you was hoping for, I was hesitant at my response about being honest but I have to be honest if not for my self. I'll get there back to a happy life, I will.
Hi I know my faults cravings and triggers and I feel stronger within my self. Thank you
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I'm sorry to hear that crack addiction is really hard to beat as they have no medications to treat it. Dialectical behavioral therapy can help and crack is something that at the moment you might feel like really addicted to but if you wait a couple days that feeling goes away a bit but I've only done it recreationally not as an addiction so I'm not quite like as experienced at that but I have done meth and I've been on ADHD drugs for a long time so I do understand the effects of stimulants. I mean I don't know if this is the best advice but I would talk to an ADHD doctor and try to get something like Vyvanse it really does hope to control the cravings for stimulants
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