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Advice please

If this close friend of mine has been taken 5 Roxies  30mg a for 5 months. His been in withdrawls for sometimes and he can't seem to beat this at all. He took a half this morning. He is really sick. Should he go to a detox place? Since his body is so mess up.

Thank you,
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i was taking about  roxys 10-15 a day....i went CT...16 days clean..it was hell.....if he wants to go to detox and has the means its will be a lot easier for him.....if he dosent there it is safe to detox on your own....its even easier when you have somebody like you there while giong through it.

if your friend does it at home and they really want it then keep posting....ask questions....there some good tips around here to make it a little easier on your friend
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WOW! I just clicked your name on my way out and I see that you are recovering? Well that is good news for your friend that you are familiar with addiction. I would still liek to hear from him directly.

Please, please be careful. Helping an addict who is using is tough work while recovering ourselves, so please just watch out.

Let us know how he makes out.
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Hi Joycee,

It would be helpful for you, and for the members who are trying to follow you, to keep your questions on the same topic in the same post. Us addicts confuse easy..LOL Right now you have 3 posts going on the same subject and I am not sure where to answer you but since I am here I will try to help.

Roxies are Oxycodone.

CT withdrawal is not the worst thing anyone can go through. Yes, it is uncomfortable but if there are no underlying health problems the physical withdrawal phase will last about a week.

So he is normally taking 150 mgs a day and today he only took 15 mgs, is that right? If so that was a huge drop and he will feel the withdrawal pretty quick. If he asked to go to detox, then it would be helpful. Some short-term detox facilities use Suboxone for a few days and some do not use anything and simply monitor the patient. Those may give something for blood pressure but that is about it. I detoxed off of heroin in a few facilities where they prescribed nothing and it was not pleasant but it was doable.

Joycee, I commend you for helping out. That is very nice of you but you are out of your league here in that you are not familiar with the disease of addiction aside from what you have heard here. This person needs help and either he needs to get on here and talk about what is going on or he needs to get into treatment, either long or short term. Like I said, it is nice of you but you are translating something you are not personally familiar with. It would be in his best interest to sign on and tell us what is going on and ask questions on his own. that also shows that he is asking for help and that is an important step.

Take care of yourself and please be careful. I hope he gets the help he needs.

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What is a Roxie?
He needs to see a dr first and foremost.  Cold turkey withdrawal is the worst thing someone can go through
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