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Afraid of stopping Zopiclone

Hey everyone,

I have been taken this drug on and off for years. But the past few weeks I have been taken them in high amounts. I have being buying them off the street, and do not want to tell my doc this.

I really want to get of them as I am afraid that it is causing some side effects.

But the thing is, I have been reading on the net, and the advice is to tamper.

I have been taking 4 pills of the highest dose, and am now currently taken 3.

I want to go down to 2 for a day or two then cut it down by halfs, until I am off them.

I was just wondering if anybody here has had any withdrawal's after stop taken this drug.

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Hi I have detoxed off this drug  you will not sleep for days and your ears will ring but with time it gets better just know it is possible the z meds do not have a withdrawal other then the lack of sleep
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Hi There-

Listen, I was on zoplicone for nearly 20 years.  I was up to 2.5 a day because they stop working for sleep pretty quick but i didn't know that.  I saw a doc when mine was away and she suggested I start taking high doses of prescribed Tryptophan while I tapered.  I started at 1000 mg a night and then built it up as I tapered down the zoplicone.  Well, I was amazed that it only took me 2 weeks to stop the zoplicone.  And I suffered ZERO withdrawal effects.  I slept better and longer than I had EVER slept since being a teenager.
Tryptophan is a natural seratonin booster and mood stabilizer.
It's awesome and I highly recommend it.  I take it in conjunction with melatonin.
The zoplicone is not working for you any more.  I would suggest you try this. It worked for me and I was so shocked as I thought after nearly 20 years it would be impossible to kick.
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Do not use tryptophan if you're taking antidepressants and ask your doctor for proper dose information.
If you're going to taper off it's best to do it slowly. Good luck-
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Good point Vicki- I forgot to mention that.  Also, the Tryptophan must be prescribed.  The OTC is not potent enough if you have serious insomnia issues.
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