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Always eat during detox.

I have depression sometimes. Then I do not want to, or forget to eat anything. Ultimately I lose energy which fuels more depression. So just a reminder. Eat. Especially tropical fruits like papaya and bananas.
Lean protein. Fish is great. Lots of omega 3!  Maxy
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I kept taking an amino acid shake and fish oil caps for a sold 4 months after I quit methadone. It was very hard to eat, so that went down okay and has most the nutrients needed to survive and heal. When eating became possible again, I went back to my usual healthy diet. This post is so true, we have to get nutrition in detox, whether we can eat or not, the body won't heal without the raw materials to rebuild the brain and body.
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Ya I went through that well detoxing. I guess not just detoxing,I still have to remind myself to eat after 89 days clean. I never feel hungery,and I'm very slim now,I've lost so much weight. I'm also very tall. I guess I figured it will come back on it's own? So far not yet.
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