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This Fourm really inspired me these past 2 day to get off the meds!  I been using for 2 years now. I ran out of my meds (oxycodone & morphine) a week early and experience the WD! I'm going crazy! It's so bad that I had to buy Vicodin off the streets and it's not even helping me deal with the WD. I understand when ppl say they need the pills to be normal thru out the day. I wouldn't have pain but I would have to take it just to keep me from being insane and the days I would have pain I will abuse it. I decided on my next refill I'm going to taper off. Can anyone point me in the right direction of tapering off? Should I do the Thomas thing? I could just talk to my Dr. But I really want to do it discreetly. I can't tell him I abuse my meds as it will be a breach of contract. I hope I posted in the right forum.
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the trick to tapering is to drop small amounts slowly.  You have to wait for your body to get used to the new drop before dropping again.  Slow and steady is what works.  However, at some point you just have to jump as the withdrawals will start and you need to be prepared with immodium, magnesium, etc.  The Thomas Recipe is a good start.  There are lots of good tips here on the forum. Keep reading and learning and asking!  
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Thank you. I will post my step by step to being clean. I'm do happy I found this site! Aloha
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I dont know much about tapering, that never worked for me. When u taper, you still experience some w/ds. And its hard to have the pills around and not use them.

I went cold turkey, off 10+ norco 10s a day. I been hooked for about 5-6 years. It was hard getting started, but once I did, I was so happy about doing it, I barely noticed the w/ds.

I know oxys and morpine mite be a lil stronger, but I think that for the most part, theyre all pretty much the same. The first 3-4 days are the worst, then it starts getting better.

The thomas recipe is good. It does help. Doesnt make it easy, but easier.

If you really wanna quit, it wouldnt be a bad idea to have your doctor help you. You dont have to tell him that youre abusing, just that you wanna start getting off the meds. Doctors know how addictive these meds are, and if theyre prescribing them, they can help you get off.

Just my opinion.
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It's against forum rules to advise the use of your medication. I just tapered off subutex and have been off for four days. I would keep myself a little uncomfortable until I stabilized at a dose, then would drop a little and start over. Yes, do the Thomas thing and check out the Amino Acid Protocol. It helps with withdrawal and healing of brain chemistry. I suggest set up a plan at some point and stick to it. Get some kind of aftercare, counseling, NA, preacher, someone to be accountable to that understands. It will get hard toward the end and you will need the support. Hydrate, exercise as much as possible, and come to terms with addiction. You hide it, so there's a little bit of shame, that's a trigger. I wish you the best.
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