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Anyone considering sub or just starting like me read Discussion

Oh my goodness....my computer only lets me see 2/3rds of the page and I never noticed the dicussions at the right....wish I had of read that stuff on suboxone when I first startd the sub and not 8 days later while I'm still taking 8mg....I'm am cutting back tomorrow.....I will have to cancel two events I have planned, but I want to get this out of my system as quickly as possible...gee I thought this was such a safe miracle drug....I could end up with a worse problem than on the mscontin...I didn't abuse, just on it for so long I knew i had to come off....man how can the doctors keep promoting like they do, and the info at suboxone.com makes it sound so good....the partial thing makes it sound like it is only half as harmful as the other drugs...and never mention the length of time for w/d's...

Thanks so much to everyone who has been alerting me to the dangers...I mentioned this site to my doctor and what is said here and he say "oh it's only chatter"...ya right...we are guinea pigs, who go through all the ****...I'm just grateful I didn't start at 16mg like suggested to me.....so glad I got hold of  my sense now....never realized it best to go down to .5 then .25....I'll be lucky if I'm off in the 21 days....I'm 2mg higher now than I should be....

Also this is just an awesome site for info and support...I live in a very rural, uneducated "drug" area, so this place will be like going to meetings for me....gee I thought I would get off scott free with the creepy crawly skin shakes......nothign is worse than w/d's.......I woud rather have done a very stringent morphine w/d I think...taper over a month...maybe not...I"ll see what I headed into.

all the best to all who are in battle.

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how long have you been on sub?
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I also started at 8mg, and tapered my dose down 2mg every month and was off after 3 3/4 months. I didnt really have any problems, actually looking back I probably could have come off it quicker but I was following the doc's orders and it worked great.  I had switched over from methadone and had to detox for over 50hrs before taking the sub and honestly that was the hardest part. From what Ive learned it doesnt work as well for some people, but for me by the 2nd month I was able to take half as much as I was prescribed so I just took it real slow and safe and got the additional counseling. I also take clonidine for my blood pressure and when i came off started taking xanax xr 2mg daily. I do have an anxiety disorder and the xanax was something I desperately need unless I wouldnt take it. For me the extended release works for well keeping me relax throughout the day without slowing my mental capacity down. If I can help, or you ever need someone to talk to feel free to send me message, I enjoy sharing my experiences and opinion with others who are or have taken suboxone. Sounds like your not such a big fan of it, and I know it kinda feels like your stuck once your on it, but Ive had some serious w/d's in the past from methadone, oxy's and even cocaine, and suboxone was a breeze compared to those. But everyone is biologically different so I want to gain as much knowledge to help me be more thourough in my opinions, because I do understand that it definetely is for everyone. My advice is to start as low as you can, and taper as you can, if its sooner than expected then so be it, just dont get ahead of yourself, slow and steady wins the race...I really wish you good luck and if theres anything I could ever do I'd be honored to help, best wishes, Red
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nevermind, i got the answer.  relax.... trust me the stuff you were doin before was far worst than subs, the good thing about sub is your concience enough to use it the proper way, go ahead and cut your dose by half... i bet you wont even notice the decrease... and if you do do a lil more like a 1/4. stop buggin
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here is a link to meetings held online

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If you are not yet addicted to the Suboxone (under approx. 21 days), you could stop now and not experiance withdrawels from the Sub.
What you will experiance are the left over withdrawels from the Mscotin. You're past the worst withdrawels from the mscotin but would still experiance some RLS, sleeplessness, lack of energy etc.
Alot of people who use the Sub very short term (under 21 days), think they are having withdrawels from the Sub. That is Not the case.
It's like if a person never used pain pills before and then used mscotin for 15 days, as prescribed and stopped...they would not have withdrawels and would not be addicted.
So, don't panic, you can taper very rapidly off the Sub and get off it before you are addicted and not have withdrawels from the Sub. Or you could just stop it right now if you want. Just remember, your body will still have some withdrawels from the mscotin. but you're past the worst of it.
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