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Back on Sub (I know...) So now what??

So after going through 5 days of awful withdrawal, I simply walked into my drs office and got a prescription for 8mg sub again.  Only this time, instead of getting 8, 8mg pills to last me 2 weeks I got 3, 8mg pills to last me 3 weeks!  Ive cut them so into pieces so I have 8 1mg pills and they have been lasting me longer than ive ever gone.. Now I just dont know where to go from here..

My Dr. suggested I try taking 1 of my little cuts (i dont know if theyre considered crumbs.. my idea in crumbs is the tiny little pieces you get when you cut them... im not there yet? I dont know if thats even possible to survive off those.) every day and slowly try to go every other day.  Right now im not feeling like I can do every other day.  I want to get off them slowly and I dont want to give myself another panic attack coming off them just yet.  I think I need to do a lot more mental prep before I take the leap again (and stop hyping myself up so much) and this time im going to try to make it slightly easier than last time...  

Is this a good idea or am I again, just prolonging the inevitable..

Thank you all for your help and kind words last time around.  Hopefully this time I can be better at this.
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Everyone is different...as long as you are cutting back, have the will power to quit, are under the doctors care I know things will work out..you gotta want this worst than anything you have in your life and believe me it's worth it..good luck and God Bless <3 keep on keeping on :)
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You are going about this exactly the way you should. The secret to getting off sub is to taper down literally to crumbs, about 0.5mg, before you jump off.  If you are taking a dose of 1mg every other day - that is great.  When you can do this and not really have any withdrawal, try going to the third day and then only take half of your dose - if you are feeling a little withdrawal, that is good - if the half dose takes that away and you can space it out an extra day, then you are headed down the right path.  When  you can space the half dose out and not feel bad, then that will be your signal to try quitting for good.  Try taking some amino acids - you can read about the amino acid in the health pages - they will help when you jump off.  There is another live post right now of someone who jumped off at 0.5mg and she is doing great, you may want to message her to get some advise on how she tapered too.  Best of luck.
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I havent been able to make it a full day just yet.. Esp since its starting to get cold, i feel myself associating some of my feelings like stuffy nose, weak, cold to w/d so im trying to break that out of my head at the moment hah but I had been taking .05 twice a day but my cutting skills arent the greatest so I just take 1.0 in the morning and wait 24 hours til the next one.  What is the name of the girl you are talking about?  The one that just made the jump off of .05?  Id love to see how shes doing :) I need inspiration like that right now
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Check out the post from yesterday from this person:  LoandTansMom24
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Hi. First off, don't feel discouraged for having to start the sub again. I was on sub for 4 and a half yrs for an oxycontin addiction. After reading so many posts about the horrible withdrawals from subs, I was scared outta my mind to try and come off. (I have 3 small kids and a full time job and I cannot miss anymore work.) But you are headed down the right path! I started the amino acid protocol about a month BEFORE I jumped. I got down to half a mg, was on that for about a wk and a half, and then I jumped! Today makes day 6 for me and it has not been near as bad as I thought. I've had some achy legs, diarrhea the 1st 2 days, and I seem to keep the chills, but its been OK! Really! I was the worse about being scared to wd and break my regular pattern, but it hasn't been bad @ all! I dk if its the aminos (I'm still taking them) or the taper, or just the fact that everybody is different, but I know if I of all people can do it....ANYBODY can do it!! Message me anytime!! I'll be glad to help in any way I can! I know exactly how you feel!!
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i hear everyone is tapering down. why doesnt anyone jump off even at a high dose like me (10mg)? is it a bad idea? im hoping i can cope with the wds (on day 2 now).
i wonder how long i will be sick (physically) for?
i know the mental game will last up to months... they call it PAWS, and im scared of PAWS.
good luck everyone! and MOM24... i could really use some advice now.
one day at a time... Anh
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I,m so happy to hear some good news. I'm takin 2mg every 3 days and am going to go down bit by bitty crumby bit. That's the key eh? So many scary stories I was starting to cry every day again. You give hope!!!!
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I took your advice and started the the amino protocol.  Its been great.  Ive been able to go one day without taking subs and im starting to go longer and longer without taking .5 mg a day.  This is my last week and then im jumping which scares me a little cause im starting a new job monday and I want to be my best but like you said LoandTansmom, its not as bad as i would have thought.  Im able to make it far and when I do take it, i dont feel an overwhelming need.  It feels like the clouds are finally parting and giving me hope for this jump ill be taking within the next week or so..
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What an awsome update!  Way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So proud of you and I dont even know you.  You will give hope to so many people just like the Mom24 did.  Kinda a pay it forward in a way.  Keep up the good work and the good reports.  Its nice to read for all of us on the tapper program.  Im on day 4
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Taper slowly off the sub and you will be OK you can do it...eat healthy and drink lots of water and take less and less every other day.  You may still have a day or two of discomfort but I am sure you have endured that with a flu or cold before. Don't let the irrational fear take over.
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I kinda feel like I had the wrong attitude when I was angry about being on subs.  I mean for over a year I was able to live my life and not think about "crap.. I forgot my vicodin at home... im gonna be withdrawaling overnight now and getting sick" or every 4 hours overtaking them to cure those withdrawals then being out 2 weeks early and withdrawaling for two weeks... after going through that all the time for 4 years to being completely free for over a year because the subs kept my mind off of the next fix or waiting for the next withdrawal to hit... now I know what it feels like to be normal again.  In past posts I was so upset and so angry because I felt misinformed but really I was just reading negitive things and only thinking of the negitive when there were so many positive things that came from this experience.  I hope if anything I can turn peoples heads around from angry and scared for whats to come from withdrawal to them thinking "this is it.  Ive had all the tools and I know what it feels like not to be high all day and now its on me and im ready"  

I dunno.. Call it my "be positive" new years resolution kicking in but I really truely finally feel ready to get off this stuff and live my life..  Thanks to everyone here, Im so hopeful that I can do this.. I can move on with my life cause its been done before.. so bring it on! lol
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