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Black Cumin Seed Oil

Anyone try this for opiate withdrawal? Seems like there are quite a bit of people that swear by it.  Everything is worth a shot in my book, even if you get placebo relief. Many say it helps with mood and anxiety and can be continued to use during PAWs for depression.  

Just curious if anyone on here has tried it? I guess its also supposed to curb cravings.
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Found these links but there are so many herbal/organic remedies that claim to do everything short of curing cancer.  However, if it can lower blood pressure that would be very beneficial. I know clonidine, which lowers blood pressure, really helped my detox but you need a script to get it. That heightened anxiety that occurs in early withdrawal is mostly a side effect of your blood pressure spiking.



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Hi There :)

Interesting question! I'd heard about this as well. I've taken black cumin seed oil for health reasons. It's a potent anti-inflammatory & analgesic (they actually sell it where I work). There is little 'hard' info out there about it's efficacy to ease withdrawal but I found this interesting piece (please read it fully before proceeding -- particularly the part the references Tramadol & increased seizure risk):


I also found this:


I found this excerpt from the above fascinating:

"Black cumin seed essential oil (BCSEO) was found to produce a significant analgesic effect in acetic acid-induced writhing, formalin and light tail flick tests. Naloxone, an opioid antagonist, could not reverse the analgesic effect observed in the formalin test."

If you find more data on this or actually try it to alleviate w/d's, please let us know what you find and/or how it goes!
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Currently in withdrawals. Ran to the store to buy some black seed oil capsules. desperate to try anything. 100000% legit claims. It works, but you also can’t be afraid to take enough throughout the day. I’m currently trying to find out if taken for long periods, whether or not it will cause withdrawal, because it’s almost too good to be true. Time will tell. For now. I’m relieved.
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Nope never used it, but I've been hearing about it for years.  Black cumin seeds or Nigella Sativa, has been around for a long time, and is toted as a cure-all for everything from cancer to arthritis.

While it as shown itself to reduce tumors in animals, there are no human studies to date.     I've never seen anything related to its efficacy in alleviating depression or anxiety.  

It can cause skin irritation quite easily, as anyone who has ever cooked with it knows.  Some people after just touching the seeds get a nasty rash.

Everyone has to form their own opinions, but until their are human safety trials conducted, I'll avoid this myself...just my 2 cents...
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