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Break Over With...Now Time For The Real Work!!!

I just realized I'm at 40 days...wow...and did it with no drugs...even with that painful disease I have.  Anyway, I came to a few conclusions while I was gone.  I absolutely love being here...I love helping other people....I love the support I get.  I have a lot on my plate however, between caretaking the hubby, trying to get myself healthy, working, taking care of 90% of all those things that HAVE to be done, cooking, shopping, bill paying, etc....well, I am a workaholic.  If I am going to manage my disease I have to slow it down a bit and schedule out time to just relax, rest and make sure I'm doing everything I can to manage my addiction but also to manage my diverticulits.

Therefore, I won't be here quite as often as before.  I'm going to limit myself to 2-3 times a week for coming here.  I have to do this for my own health.  Don't worry...you can't get rid of me that easily....and if I get an email from anyone needing me I will answer it if I'm on the computer.

I have seen so many people here go through hell and survive.  You know who you are because we've chatted a lot.  I'm not deserting you....contact me if you need to and I will do what I can for you.  All of you though are getting closer to the point where I am.  At some point we have to face our demons and deal with them in order to get completely healthy.  I'm working on that now.

Anyway, I'll be around and yell at me if I start looking like I'm turning into that workaholic fiend again :-D

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Hey Purrfectly,  I think this is a wise decision. At 40 days out (which is awesome by the way) you do need to focus on you. Plus you've already got a lot on your plate at home. I'm glad you are not going away completely, as you give wonderful support. Everything in balance. That is the key. Take care. I'll be lookin for ya! Hugs!
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First....YEAH YOU on 40 DAYS!!!

Second....good choice girl....taking time for yourself is CRITICAL...many addicts (myself included) have a tendency to have "caretakeritis"....and can neglect taking action and doing what's best for our own growth and recovery.

Most addicts I know have to truly work at things like:  moderation; balance; recognizing when we are overwhelmed; loving ourselves enough to take care of ourselves FIRST.  Stress is the biggest trigger I've witnessed in relapse.

Good on ya, girl~
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You deserve to slow down and take time for yourself :) thank you for always checking in on me and answering my posts I will never forget the time and thoughtfulness you put into talking with me. If it wasn't for you and a few others I would not of made it where I am today.  I know I would of drove myself crazy with the W/Ds if it wasn't for late night posts. Treat yourself kindly you deserve it. Take care and be in love with being clean I know I am.
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Go take care of yourself! Thank you for all of your help and encouragement :)
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