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Calling All Addicts

I just wanted to say today is my 3 years clean. It’s a big deal to me as it’s been a long hard struggle. I’ve had health after health issue and many things in my personal life that as an addict, I used to use as an excuse to go get high. Like most people on this site, I suffer from chronic pain from spinal issues and am sick every day from the Interferon treatment I have to take because I caught Hep C shooting up Morphine….but I’m clean.  I don’t use those issues to rationalize and justify getting high anymore.

I know detox hurts. I’ve been there many a time and thought I was going to die…literally. But, it passes. It really does. And, if you concentrate on that, it helps…at least it helped me. And, life after detox for an addict is no “one size fits all”. Many will try to sell you that because it’s textbook and statistically speaking, some things work better than others. But don’t let anybody dictate that for you. Find what program works best for YOU. I did. I used to go to N.A. because I was told that was the only way to stay clean. The only thing I STAYED doing was relapsing. I left N.A. wanting to get high more than when I came in. I found my program in 1 on 1 therapy and church. It’s worked so far. I’m just saying, do what’s right for YOUR recovery.

I wish everybody a speedy detox, great recovery, and happy life.
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3 YRS...IS AMAZIN!!  Thanks for the "one size doesn't fit all" mental pic.
I truly appreciate it.....my mind went to one of those clothing items that says one size fits all LOL....that ain't happnin.....

Health, happiness and blessings to you my friend~
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that's awesome!  congrats on your clean time!!!!   i will be there one day!  
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Congratulations and thank you for sharing what has worked for you!
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Amen!!! Congrats on finding what works for you and doing what it takes.
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Wow you should be so proud of yourself.  You have been through a lot and you are still staying strong.  Thanks for sharing and for helping others on this forum.  We need people who know how to stay clean here and like you said we are all different so everyone's different opinions and advice are very welcome.
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Three years. Congratulations isn't even the right word. That's simply amazing. Thank you for sharing.
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WOW!!!! THAT'S AWESOME. PURE AWESOME. What an fantastic day for you!  
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Congrats on 3 years. I agree with you everyone is different & just needs to find what works for them. It's amazing what you have done & should be so proud of yourself.
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Thanks everybody!

I just wanted to add that although I don't go to N.A., I think its a great program that has helped many people stay clean. I didn't want anybody to think that my story was an anti N.A. endorsement because its not.

You know, a lot of times when we detox, we tell ourselves that when we get through this, were never going to use again because how bad the detox was. Then....as time goes by we get complacent...and forget what it felt like. We forget all the aches, pains, sleepless nights, nausea.....tears. As much as I like to give my 2 cents hoping that it helps someone....those of you detoxing that post on this site remind me of how bad I felt...Your stories give me that extra drive because I can also feel your pain as you post it....So thank you too.

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So happy for you dude!! Your a great contributor to a few of these sights. I read most of your post. I was thinking today if this guy keeps doing his homework he's going to be just like hectorsf. Congrats again.:-) !!:-)
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Your post is really inspiring; 3 years is amazing - actually amazing does not even adequately describe it.

The complacency thing is so true, and is what I believe to be the biggest threat to sobriety for so many addicts  . . . how quickly we forget all of the physical and emotional hardship we endure just to get clean.  Staying that way is just as big a challenge, and whatever it takes
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Wow...hectorsf...that's a big compliment...THANKS X100 :)...I'm definitely gonna stay on the homework then...thanks again.
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praise GOD!!!  the LORD is able to do great and mighty things which we know not. I just wanted to let you know there are 12 step Christian programs that totally proclaim JESUS as the higher power.

celebrate recovery: here is the link

overcomers outreach

congrats on your clean time. you are doing so awesome.
keep on keepin on.
keep your eyes on the prize ,keep running the race with patience.
continued blessings,
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        Thanks for the inspiring message .......I have been one of those chronic relapsers and am prayin that i never have to detox again.Congratulations on your clean time .....its a miracle for any of us to have 1 day..
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Wow!! Congrats on 3 years!!!  God is so good!!  And thank you so much for saying just what I needed to hear!! One size doesn't fit all!!  Thank u sooo much for sharing and congrats.  God bless u as u continue down your journey!!!!  
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This is so inspiring to me I am trying so hard ad hearing this makes me want to fight the fight even harder. I will do this by the grace of God!!!! And with the help others who know and understand how it feel physical and mental. Awesome work.Thank you for sharing
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keith187 ,
"Congratulations on your clean time .....its a miracle for any of us to have 1 day.. " Man...I know what your saying! Its a miracle indeed. When I was going to N.A. I got so many newcomer chips people started laughing like it was a joke....except it wasn't.... a joke...or funny for that matter.

God bless you as well!

I hope you do fight the fight even harder. Definitely by the grace of god you can do this.Just stay connected with a program whatever that be. Good luck!
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Wow. A amazing
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Wow! You are truly an inspiration. Thank you for posting and I agree that everyone is different. My doc told me that it would only take 4-5 days to WD and it took me 2 weeks...I am still slightly anxious but keeping it going. Thanks again!
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Wow that's amazing! Congrats!! I'm currently on day 4 going into day 5' (longest I have ever gone without getting high in 8 solid years) needless 2 say that I'm petrified! Nervous & scared of the unknown......
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GREAT JOB I am soooo happy for you. I will be there some day. I go to church and I am intouch with my god more then ever in my whole 56 yrs. I do go to na/aa now in early rcovery but I also say to them all that god made man to discover the sience of the brain and if I did not study all of the pleasure brain and the things drugs do to all the transmitters and so on I might not be were I am now. That knowlege is what I would like the school kids to know maybe it will help. We all have to do it our way heck we did it our way to get the addiction. I always say to all ITS MY RECOVERY. God Bless You good job
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Congrats on 3 yrs!!  Always keep that Guard Up!
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Enuffisenough,  gettingoff,  juswannabhappy, vvic ,

Thank you all for the kind words...I wish you all well
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