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Can anyone help?

I am withdrawing from Percocet 10/325mg. I have been taking them for 8 almost 9 months started at 4 a day and just recently got it down to two a day. Because I have no Insurance and cannot afford another bill after my back surgery. I am scared and feel worse than I ever have in my life. 2 days only and I do not know where to turn I know I do not want Percocet agian ever. How long does this last and please do not tell me weeks..... I do not think I can handle weeks of this. I have even tried running the stairs which I know could hurt my back but I want sweat this out! I have a paper due for class and I cannot think straight as you can tell from this post! HELP
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Hi crazy,

WDs from percocet may not last weeks.  i think i went through about 4 hard days of WDs from that in the past.  although i still didn't feel great during week 2, it was bearable.

when is your paper due?  is there any way you can get more time to do it?

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i know exactly what you are going for perc 10/325 was my doc, i could handle doing it cold turkey, so im sub now. but i want to give you all the support you need. and from what i have read on here the worse of the wds last about 4 to 5 days, it depends on the person iguess. when i tried coldturkey i couldnt even make it to day 2, so you are deff strong, i believe you can do it.

<3 chrissy
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Well, I don't really know how long w.d from percs last. Typically, w.d can last about 5-7 days depending on the drug, doses and how you take them, meaning if you chew them, snort, and also what times you take them. All of this goes into account when you detox. I myself have never w.d from Percocet, my DOC was Oxy Contin, and that took about 1 week of hard core w.d, then about 3 more weeks of residual w.d symptoms. And about 2months of lack of energy, on and off sleep and depression. Now, Percocet is no where near as strong, and most say the worst of the w.d is over in about 4 days. If you are ready to stop, you will, no matter how bad it is.  I know it is hard, but you can certainly do it. Look up the Thomas Recipe. If you go under my profile its there, Its some over the counter things you can get to help with the symptoms. They may not feel like they are working, but they are. Also, look up the amino acid protocol. It will help.

Good luck.
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Thanks for the reply. I think I can handle 4- 5 days! Maybe. I am feeling crazy though wondering how I will face my family the s'afternoon when school is out. I hate feeling this way. Wish I never took the first dose!
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You will be able to get beyond the perc's......sounds like you might want to think about nutritional help. Do you do the amino acids and other supp's? They are as good as many antidepressants and the come without the baggage of the AD's.....we use up a lot more of those type things than we realize..you have to replace them when you do or you will get that fuzzy head. I always felt like I had a head full of cotton candy ---- but in the end it comes down to time.....different time for each individual. Keep hanging in there......
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Thank you for the advise. I will look into the over the counter you suggested. as for my paper it is due next week. It is however a 10 page research paper. So I will continue to work in increments. I just to aleve for body aches I hope it helps.
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