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Can someone give me percocet withdrawal info? Would be greatly appreciated!

I'm really struggling to quit percocet/oycodone (10-12x 5mg/a day for three months). I understand that it's not been for a very long time but the intensity of the problem is frightening. I'm no wuss, but I want to know if I'm in for something potentially bad here.

I've been diagnosed with arthritis in my neck (degenerate disc) and a torn tendon in my shoulder. At first, I needed the pain meds for pain, but then I found this nifty little trick of snorting them to take away all my cares and worries. Well, now I've certainly compounded those. I do have a history of alcohol abuse, I no longer drink but can feel how the obsession has been transplanted to these pills. It *****, I've kept it a secret, and I don't know how to get out of this one without really screwing up my life. The suffering of withdrawal has scared the crap out of me, my doctor has cut my dose the 8 a day, I'm struggling to take them the way they're prescribed (orally and at intervals - lol) but woke up this morning with major anxiety and sweating. My question is, how should I stop? Wean off? How long with withdrawal symptoms last? Particularly the anxiety, which I fear the most? Would asking my doc for a tranquilizer help me? I know I'm not in as deep as some here and I feel true empathy for what you're going through - good luck to everyone.
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I forgot to add - that if you talk to your doctor about quitting the pills or tapering off, he may be able to help with both by either tapering your dosages or giving you some meds if you decide to go cold turkey.
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If you taper - do you have somebody to hold your meds and dole them out for you?  Tapering usually does not work for us addicts, but sometimes it can if you have somebody helping you out.  If you go cold turkey, you may be in for about 5 days of physical withdrawals, and the anxiety may last a little longer.  There are some natural supplements you can try and take for the anxiety, some are listed under the Health Page in the Thomas Recipe, etc.  Have you gone to meetings or anything for your past alcohol abuse?  I am asking because at 3 months you got up to snorting them pretty quickly, you may want to look into some type of aftercare after you quit the pills.  Good luck to you.
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