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Can take tramadol while I'm cutting down methadone

I'm cutting down on my methadone from my clinc I'm down to 45 mg was on 100 I know they can cause adverse effect but heard can take them when steepn down can anyone  me if they know? I don't wamna hurt myself more but wanna ease withdraw cause when I get to 30 mg that's the last week for me at the clinic so I need help
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Hi Trissy. Welcome to the forum. Congrats on tapering the Methadone! You do not want to add Tramadol to the mix. It is a synthetic opiate that has a antidepressant effect. It is Garbage Highly addictive and hard to get off of. The wd off of Methadone is more of a body mind wd It is long but doable many including I have and are going thru it. If you add trams to the mix you are screwing all your brains receptors and will cause yourself a longer wd then is necessary.. It is best to drink a lot of fluids eat, force yourself to walk clean whatever but move and to find things that calm your mind. Do not turn to more drugs to get off drugs.. This is the best advice I can give. Keep reading the forum You can pick up many things to help wd and what to expect. Everyone is different so what some go thru You may not.. You can do this The Freedom of not being chained to drugs is Awesome!! lesa
Thank you!! I'm trying really really hard !! My anxiety and my fuzzy/big dizzy heads getting to me now..... I never dreamed tapering off that drug would still make me feel so rough!! The hot flashes , clamy skin and chills are aweful at nights and early mornings til I take my dose for the day.... It helps my pain and sweating but not the head and weakness nor anxiety... It's just the weirdest drug I've meet in my life an I've became to hate it!! My bloodpressure trying run low an at times I have irregular heartbeat shew..... Seems like the days drag and I feel like I'm in another plant an trying dig my way up.... Can't wait until it's all over.... Thank u so much for the advice and yea the cravings for drugs are real intense at times
Oh do you know if Benadryl be okay to try for sleep
I have found trying to take anything for sleep in wd just made it so much worse. Then I was a drugged very grumpy person in wd. after a couple of weeks you could hit up your Dr. for Trazadone it is non addictive and helps you stay asleep although you have to fall asleep for it to work. Us addicts want to control everything with how we feel.. It is worth going thru this misery to get your true self back. Drugs diminish our personality's our emotions we are always distracted. It is nice to sit in reality although I have felt awful It was still worth feeling me again whole.. You can do this Trissy! Stay focused it is worth it..
Thank u so so. Very much!! It's good to hear from an talk ith someone clean and trying to keep you motivated . It means a lot ... Unfourtantly my phychitrist gives me trazadone fir sleep been it it a few months 50 mg jus help me a lil here and there but feel extra tired the nect day!!! I hate to hear thou there's nothn that'll help with my rest but I'm gonna try remain positive an keep on moven !!!! Ugh my legs aching as we speak
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