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Can you call yourself sober and still smoke pot?

A friend of mine, a sober friend, recently told me that he regularly smokes weed.  Is that really sober?  Is there any danger to this to using other substances?  Kind of worried me but then again, he's not like he was when using.  
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Depends on who you ask! If you ask me I would say YES, as long as it's legal inside where you reside.  I do not smoke weed but I believe it is safer & less intoxicating than alchohol or pills. It should be legalized throughout the US & decriminalized. Some people have medical cards & smoke it to relieve pain, adhd, seizures, ptsd, diabetic neuropathy, ms, fibro, RA, chemo effects, ETC.
WE MUST ABANDON ALL ARCHAIC BELIEFS & LAWS! Everything we were taught & conditioned to believe when we were children is inaccurate!!!!
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My opinion is yes you can be sober.
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No, not in my opinion, you are using a mood altering substance.  
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100% subjective, based on the addiction and individual.
Addiction = something you are unable to control, despite knowing it's negative effects.
Therefore the impetus for rehab, therapy etc. isn't necessarily, "to quit this, or that," but understand & alter core beliefs which lead to it, for the purpose of finding peace & happiness in our lives.
That said, saying the outdated AA model from 1930s SUCKS is an understatement. Why? Obviously ramming their BLATANTLY ineffective propaganda (less than 5% success rate) which includes, but not limited to - "all or nothing" or "relapse is failure" and "you are a filthy alcoholic for the rest of your life & must identify yourself as such" and "you have a disease, so it's not your fault" and "you're powerless" ... IS NOT WORKING.
Mind bogglingly, 12-step programs still dominate insurance-covered rehab programs.
Keeps addicts coming back for more.
I saw one Yelp review recently, woman gave it 5-stars, claiming it was so awesome she's been back 3 TIMES!  
Um, hello?  
Am I the only one seeing a problem with this review?
TO ADDRESS YOUR QUESTION: there is no hard answer, depends on the person & purpose for smoking weed, as well as overall effect it has on their mental health & life in general.
Does weed ENHANCE these things?
Or is it getting in the way of life, goals, dealing w/important stuff etc?
Top-of-my-head answer ... NO YOU ARE NOT SOBER if you're smoking weed on a regular basis.
HOWEVER, why does "sobriety" even matter in the first place?
Because of the effect on our lives.
So I'd reframe the question, tell your friend to have an hard, honest look at their reasons for smoking weed & deep inside, he/she knows the truth.
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Finally someone who shares my feelings on 12 step programs.  I really don’t care for the fact that everyone uses this as the standard for quitting.  I’m mentioning this because I feel the question reflects this obsession with rules for sobriety.  For me personally it’s really like if you take medication.  No different.   I take lots of medication heart, diabetes, depression, anxiety, blood pressure, diuretics and maybe others at times.  Smoking weed is just another medication.  Goal for smoking helps pain, nausea and sleep for me.  Like with other medication you first need to get use to the effects.  Then proceed with your life.  
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I really appreciate these responses.  There are different opinions to be sure.  I want the best for my friend.  
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If he isn’t drinking ALCOHOL then yes, he is technically SOBER (by definition). BUT if he has poly substance abuse issues and isn’t just and “alcoholic”, but is, in fact, an ADDICT then he is definitely NOT CLEAN because Addicts must abstain from all mind altering, mood changing chemicals to be considered clean.
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Does that mean anyone that takes an antidepressant, or takes medication to help control their anxiety, is considered an addict?
lol, no. But this is an addiction forum. MJ and antidepressants being compared only happens if the idea of giving up pot hits someone in the 'I still want my drugs' spot. Good luck
Lol yes.  Regardless of this being an addiction forum your addicted to the medication.  If your taking benzodiazepines for anxiety then definitely you’re  an addict.  Most of this is up to interpretation.   But in reality the premise works for anything that alters the body imo.  Sugar, caffeine, nicotine, marijuana, medications they all change your body.  With most you’re addicted.  So then really no one fits the sober profile if that’s your premise.  But I don’t believe being that sober is warranted.  So where do you draw the line?  Who makes the rules?  Certainly not AA and NA.  So please refrain from snarky comments because you follow the flawed doctrine of the 12 step program.
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No, your friend is not clean.  The theory of getting and staying clean is not using ANY mind altering substances to live.  It's not use a lesser form of drug that maybe doesn't get you in as much trouble.  IMO...it disrespects all of us that ARE doing it without using anything.  I mean, honestly, how hard is it to stay sober when your smoking pot....you still have that something to take the edge off, so why bother learning how to deal with things as they are?  Addicts are addicted to drugs....alcohol is a drug.....the disease is not defined by the type of drug we did?  A drug, is a drug, is a drug, is a drug...................you get what I'm saying?  
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Certainly I respect everyone's personal opinion, but yes, motye51, I feel the same, you said how I feel about the subject perfectly.  

And please everyone, let's not get into a debate.  mombojombo asked the question that if her friend smoked weed, was she really sober?  We've given her our opinions...which we are all entitled to...now she can come to her own conclusion.  

Kelcoo, exactly, thank you, there is no 'right answer', because to each his own.
**was HE really sober.
I agree with you. “Clean” means a certain thing in the recovery community and someone smoking weed is not “clean”. I did want to point out one thing though: It’s possible to be clean and not be healthy. If someone is drinking a six-pack of soda a day, they are clean, but are they healthy? If they are eating 1000 calories a day of junk food, they are clean, but are they healthy? If they drop all their disposable income on shopping or gambling, they are clean but are they healthy? Now, if they have a couple hits of weed a day and are living a happy and balanced life, they are NOT clean, but maybe they ARE healthy. The concept of being clean is very important as a part of recovery, but I’ve always believed it’s also important to keep a holistic view of overall health in long-term recovery.
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Yes. That’s my opinion.  There isn’t a right answer.  On both sides of the issue valid points can be made.  So for me marijuana is okay and your still sober.  I’ve been exposed to other definitions of sobriety and personally don’t believe there is a one size fits all approach. That’s just me though.
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Yes, IMO, yes. I disagree with the old school thought of one still smokes it will lead to more. If it were not for weed I don't know if I could have made it though withdraw 7 years ago. Weed keeps me happy, and I have no desire to ever go back to anything else.
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IMO, no, he's not sober, his mind is still clouded.  I believe it's possible this could lead to a relapse of his previous substances, as he is not thinking clearly and someday might just say 'what the heck'.  
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