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Celebrating 9 months clean!!!

Hi guys! Sorry I haven't been posting regularly!  Been too busy enjoying having my hubby back after his journey off methadone! Lol! He hasn't looked back...well maybe sometimes to see just how far he's come!
Love and strength to you all....life is GREAT sober....XXX
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Congratulations! 9 months is a huge accomplishment. Keep posting, it's good to show people that it can be done!
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9 months is wonderful.So glad to hear positive news.Thanks for letting us know and keep posting.
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That s really awesome. 9 months off any drug is huge but to get 9 months off methadone is a miracle. Im really pleased for you both.

regards Jeremy
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Yes, life is great sober and congrats on those 9 months. Congrats to both of you and glad things are going well. Keep us updated.
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im jus gettin off methadone...2 weeks now...i still cant get no sleep...my body is crawlin...dont have any energy...how long or when will i get back to my normal self...i go crazy tryin to get some sllep...please help...
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Hi red, welcome to the forum.

I suggest you start a post of your own by going to post a question on the main page here, you will get more feedback and help. I have never been on methadone, but there are many here that have that have come off it successfully and can help you. I do know meth is one of the hardest to come off and takes longer than most. Hang in there and hope to see you post. Congrats on 2 weeks now. How long were you on it and how much did you come off of? Best of luck
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Hey good to here from you and im so happy for your hubby 9mo is great im glad he is doing good its been a wile since you posted we need to here more success storys about methadone so post more often......Gnarly
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Congrats on 9 months!!!  Keep us posted on how things are going.  Enjoy your time together~~~~~~sara
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HI man I feel your pain...I detoxed off methadone 207 days ago as for the sleep thing it can be pritty ruff you may just have to be content with cat naps for a wile try a long hot bath right b/4 bed once your capable of sleep it helps...methadone takes a wile to run its corse in your system...you should be feeling a bit better at 30 days then again at 60 days and by 90 you should start to be coming back around you need to give your brain what it needs to heal methadone robs your body/brain of nutrients...I started drinking whey protein shakes its loaded with vitamins and amino acids as well as the protein all of witch the brain needs to heal...you can pick it up at walmart for 12bucks for a 2lb can the chocolate flavor is good...I also found that liquid B-complex helps with the energy thing also...I dont think anything is a quick cure but I do believe that it helps
try not to get discouraged with methadone it takes time to heal...hang in there good luck and God bless .....Gnarly  
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