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Checking in with everyone....

Just wanting to see how everyone is doing?  This has been such a trying time for everyone....especially those of us in recovery.  To be honest I'm a bit scared of the amount of people have seen slowly slipping away from recovery, less and less people in the zoom mtgs.  I starter an in person mtg in my area (with some push back) that is outside, we sit 6 ft apart and the attendance was good for the first mtg but not the second.  People i know that were teetering on the edge are not coming back.  I believe this virus and these protests will have lasting effects in the recovery world.  

I, myself, am doing ok.  Still doing stepwork, still talking to other addicts and coming on these pages but it does seem pretty deserted?  I hope everyone remembers, isolation and fear is what this disease loves!  It thrives on it!!!  We have to keep in touch with each other and doing things for our recovery!  Am I doing as much as I could, probably not, but I'm not bowing out!  I'm still here and I'm still clean!  

Stay safe everyone and hopefully we can all scream JUMANJI when 2021 rolls around b/c this year, so far, has kicked my ASS!!!!
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i haven't been on this site for almost 10 years now, under another name i no longer have access to, but wanted to hop on and say that i am still sober to this day. i thought a lot about this site over the years. specifically about those going through the process of getting clean during such a trying time where COVID exists in the world. hoping everyone is doing alright.
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Good question! I just hit my 8-year mark and one thing that occurred to me was how horribly bad it would have been to chase pills during COVID. Not only would it have been tough (but not impossible) to come up with a "cover story" as to why I was going out for an hour 1-2 times per week, but I could see sources drying up, having to go to more risky sources, having to go to doctors offices, etc. It would have been stressful on top of the regular stress everyone is feeling from the crisis. And it would have put me in a position to be more likely to get infected, not least of which because I just took stupid chances when I was actively addicted. I work from home and my main hobbies are swimming and golf, and I am allowed to do both during COVID, so things are really pretty good for me. I worry about a lot of the other folks out there who don't have it so good and try to help however I can. I think the hardest part is not knowing if or when things will go back to normal. If we could put an end-date on everything, I think it would be easier. But we really don't have that yet. What I told me kids is this: These are tough times. The best you can do is conduct yourself in a way that when you look back on this in ten years, you can be proud of how you behaved and what you did.
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WAYYYYY to optimistic!!!!  lmao
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We can dream.... :)
I am doing well.   Working 11 plus hrs a day as we are down over half our staff at work.  I have older coworkers who decided to ride this out at home.  Our town is a hot spot for the virus so i am doing what i can to keep myself safe.  One of my recovery friends was just diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer.  She has been in recovery for many years so i love to listen to her and i take in every word she says.  She is such a special lady and a fighter.  We are still busy working on our house.  Laying new flooring, painting etc takes up the rest of my time.  Temps have warmed up so planning a motorcycle trip.  I love my sobriety~

As for the riots....This all started in my home state.  I am not proud of that fact nor my state anynore.
“I love my sobriety.” ~this reminds me of a time before my recent relapse. It lasted about a year and got really bad. Anyway, I’m stuck in a “what the he!! just happened” phase, which is kind of a first. It coincided with so many other mental health concerns that it really was a doozy. Anyway, your comment reminded me of a time where that was true in my life and if my brain can get better at relaxing, I think I’ll find it again. :)
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Yes, it has been quite the year for both addiction and for any challenges related to mental wellbeing! All the things that already predispose some to self isolation are now being compounded by forced isolation and fear of human interaction. I'm wondering if people are adapting to different ways to work recovery, though. I personally haven't been going to meetings because the Zoom medium just isn't right for me. It's weird, awkward, and just overall not right. However, I've been working with my doctors, therapist, and other support team to maintain sobriety. It's working for me, but may not be a great recipe for everyone. I'd be curious to know what others are doing too! And yeah, this forum and the addiction social forum used to be pretty active. I'm not sure why they've quieted down so much over the past couple years. I'd like to think fewer people are struggling with addiction, but I'm guessing that's a bit too optimistic!
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