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Coming off Methadone. Entering 4 weeks.. Not OK. Help PlEASE!!

Been on Methadone for 6 years.  Titrated down for 2 years to 34/mg day from 150mg/day.
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I want to say congratulations too.  It's a hard thing to do.  Maybe the hardest and you are doing it!!  How did you do over the weekend?
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hi mombo the weekend was hard but I did it its Friday so im really hopeing this will be the magic weekend when I wake up and everything is better your right its hard but so is living the rest of your with the methadose umbilical cord,here in Vancouver its so easy to do. o.d.a.a.t  thanks
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Are you still around?
How are you feeling?
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Yes, 2 months out. Still havent driven. But i can walk around a little and sit up. The extreme weakness, fatigue and depression had me clinging to pillows while focusing on my inner Zen, minute by minute.
I REALLY appreciate your concern. Thank you. I know now that Ill make it. I have no choice. I have an 11 year old son and a 10 year old daughter that I cant wait to see again. Peace.
congrats on breaking free from the clinic. they dont want anyone to quit. they make it very difficult as you witnessed. good for you.
make sure you are eating clean, veggies, proteins. staying away from sweets and processed foods as much as possible. are you taking any vitamins?  stay well hydrated.
how is your stomach doing?
make yourself move as much as you can. after two months you need to push yourself some.
it will help with depression, weakness and the fatigue.
get some sunshine each day, even if it is through a window.
emotions and feelings what a wonderful thing they can be.
are you getting any sleep yet?
you are healing minute by minute.
keep on keepin on.
you are doing awesome.
stay around.
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hello & welcome.
Congratulations on your taper. You have tapered to 34mgs per day? How long have you been at 34mgs?
When you get to right where you are the taper has to be slower & less of a drop.the doc is controlling your taper?
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Thanks. I was on a 2mg/week taper for the end. Constantly miserable. But, if I stopped taper i would have to meet with my counselor to draw up plan for a doctor to approve...could take 2 months to get it approved..frustrated and left at 34mg/dau. Its been 2 months now. I think. Slowly gaining ability to sit up and walk a little. Whats way cool are the moments of inner peace that I haven't felt in a long time. Also, real emotions are washing over me that make my skin goosebump and my hair stand-up, it is fantastic.
My doc prescribed me some Clonidine and seraquil, which really helped with anxiety and helped me to get some real sleep.
Thanks again. It helps a lot to know someone cares...
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