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Cps and doctors

If you tel your doctor about a use during pregnancy prior to birth and work with them does Cps still take your baby if you remain clean?
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No, if you remain clean. They may follow up post birth, to ensure you and the baby are doing well, offer support programs, early childhood intervention to ensure baby is developing normally.
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No. CPS won’t take your baby IF you remain clean. They will actually admire the fact you were honest and facing the issue versus trying to hide it. They will however likely want you to join an outpatient program to help you get some support and to develop a plan and new tools to help prevent a relapse. As long as you’re trying CPS will work with you but having documentation that you are seeking help is helpful. Your doctor will probably not even notify CPS if you tell him or her that you want to seek out help.
I’ve witnessed this first hand. Don’t stress yourself out. It’s not good for the baby. ;-)
Thank you (:
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Tell your OB about this.  Better to be safe than sorry.  Let us know how it goes.
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