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Craving Surfing.?

Lots of talk about cravings. I saw something interesting online. Its called craving surfing. It sounds corny but worth checking out. Last night I kinda had pills on my mind only being two weeks clean. I read about this craving surfing thing and I tried it out. Name pretty much tells the tale. You get a craving and you imagine it as a giant powerful wave but your on top. On your surf board of sobriety riding it all the way to the beach. Ride it til it crashes onto the shore. If you get another craving jump back on that board and ride that wave out. Im a simple dude and this simple mind trick works for me.
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Im gna check it out! Thanks 4 the info.
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a lot of this is mind over mater if you can in vision your self laying on a soft sandy beach
relaxing...that works for me but if surfing does it for you then so be it........Gnarly
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it is funny cause i have always seen those cravings like waves and  me riding the waves because cravings come in waves... they last for a while and if you ride them instead of panicking , you will be ok and each time with each wave , you learn the better way to ride them.
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I know its just a mind thing. You think about something else. When you think about using you have to think about something else. Ill keep riding the cravings out because Im loving the way I feel today. I cant believe its Monday morning and Im not sick, I have money, and Im not tired. 15 days clean today for me. I feel like a different person.
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I was told by a nurse in an AA meeting that a craving usually only last about 30 minutes.
She said just don't react to it and it will subside. Get busy doing something other than focusing on it. I found out she was right. I've always reacted rather than wait for it pass Day 25 -  4  me
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I'm a spiritual kinda guy so when I would have cravings I would immediately start praying. Usually something like "Please remove this craving and help me understand why it came and how I can prevent it next time." Simple, but worked for me.
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vantart- you got your 30 days comming up, gotta feel good.Alittle time goes along way. Praying goes a very long way. Just learning these tips is keeping the cravings away. Yeah!
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