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Dailey Use of Vicadin

I have pretty much been on vicadin since May 2011 .there are days I dont take it and I am usually only taking 1  aday.But for the last month I would say seems Im having back and neck pain!!? odd since this is a pain pill.does anyone know if this happens after useing it  5 months also my chest seems heavy...I do have bad anxiety so I am wondering if im teansing up and stressing cause i am worried about addiction?
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Why are you taking the vicodin?  What kind of pain was it prescribed for?  Vicodin can cause breathing problems if that is what you are referring to when you mean your "chest seems heavy".  The back and neck could be your anxiety or your brain coming up with pain to get more pills.

If you are worried about addiction and you don't have a medical reason to take the pills I would stop taking them now before you become addicted or dependent on them.
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sinus surgery        im also on xanax
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sinus surgery        im also on xanax
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