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Day 1

Hey this day 1 one for me to be off of pain killers i cant rember the last time i didnt take any thing. What can i do to help the craving an the cold sweets an stuff like that.
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Good luck uall I can tell u is to sit it out try and eat when u can take a hot bath I quit last tusday after years of taking pills and it just takes time there a lot of smart people here. That  will help u I don't know much just whant to let u know u can do this the hard part of it in your mind the fist 3-4 days are the hardest but u can do this
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Hi, I too am detoxing from opiates. I am on day four, all I can tell you so far is that it *****, it has been hard both physically and mentally. The first three days are bad but I do feel a bit better today. Make your commitment, stick to it, and get ready. Hot baths will help your cramps, stay hydrated. You can do this, keep your head in the game and stay focused, I actually screamed at my cravings like the demon they are. Fight! Fight like hell. Clear your schedule for a few days and prepare yourself for war. Keep your loved ones close and check in here. Support goes a long way and there is tons of it here. Soon you will get some more helpful replies, I just want to say its great you have made the decision to quit. Get your mind into battle mode and fight to get this devil off your back. You are never alone, I am just a few days ahead of you, and if I am still fighting you can too. Best of luck to you. Ill be praying for us both
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Look up the Thomas recipe on here, many swear this helps. I've also hear people say drink lots of water & try to get up & move as soon as possible. Good luck to u, u can beat this demon!!! You've already done the hardest part, u just might not know it yet.
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@ mrktrauth ~ I agree with Stacy.. At the bottom of the page on the Newsfeed you will find the Thomas Recipe.   Good to here that you want to be off the pain meds... Slay those demon pills!

Hi Stacy,

How are you ??

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as you can tell there are so many awsome people on this site who will support and encourage you every step of the way...
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