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Day 11.. better, better, better!

Very much better this morning when I woke up after REAL sleep!  I went to the MD yesterday and told her I would not be refilling Norco's!  She was duly impressed. Again, very empowering!  All of you struggling, as we all are, persevere!    It really does get better.  This is the best I have felt in weeks.  Much love and support to you all.
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Great job on your 11 days!! Its a huge thing and one that you should be very proud of! :) And equally as good of a job on telling your Dr no to Norcos!! that is a huge step forward!!

Keep moving forward and dont look back!!
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Very good, thank's for sharing!
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most doctors like to hear their patients are improving.  Just like everyone likes a compliment, stay very open and honest with.   they are pros seeing many people everyday, they know who's BSing them, and will be far more helpful if they trust you.
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