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Day 13 but not feeling any joy over it!

13 days clean but not feeling any joy because I'm still very lethargic and running a fever more often than not.  Going to the doctor today because this has been going on since last Friday.  I'm sick of being sick.  On positive side, figured out hubby's problem and he's not confused anymore (thank you God).
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Sorry you got double whammied with detox and the flu!! You poor thing.  Just keep pushing the fluids and take good care of yourself.  Of course you're feeling depressed!!!  But take heart, this is not permanent, and I am guessing that as your body heals from this you will feel a helluva lot better mentally.  Your pleasure receptors are empty, and screaming for stimulation, so once you are feeling healthier get out there and do some exercise to get those natural endorphins pumping.  I'm gonna give you Lu's list of things that boost natural endorphins okay?
1. Exercise
2. Sex
3. Laughter
4. Chocolate
5. Vitamins B12, Vit C ascorbate with L-Lysine.
6. Creative endevours

Needless to say, other than the vitamins, these things are not available to you ATM.  Just ride this through and try watching a funny movie or TV show.  At least laugh.
I was so fortunate during detox that I was with my family.  We all have wicked senses of humour and were able to poke fun at my detox and we laughed A LOT.
So hang in there chicky, you are doing great.  Be kind and gentle with your poor self.
Have you thought about aftercare yet?
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I wish I knew about St John 's worth before I brought this expensive SAM e.... Thanks for letting us no... I'll look for it when i run out of this SAM e
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Lu you are too much ...  PK just wanted to say congrats on the 13 days!  awesome!  hope you start feeling better soon. :)
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I needed a good chuckle, thanks girls
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Oh I've invested....just haven't thought about it to tell you the truth.  But now that you mention it..... (hope that isn't TMI either lol)  YAY there is the laughter!!! (laughing so hard I'm crying lol)  Thanks Lu!  You have been a lifesaver for me today!  xoxo
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Awe sweetie.  I'm sorry you have so much on your plate right now, which makes what you are doing even MORE amazing.  You are a pillar of strength my friend.  Make sure once you're feeling better that you take some well-earned me time okay?  You need to work on your own recovery so that you can not just appear strong but actually FEEL strong too, okay?
As for the sex thing- and I'm sorry to you and MH if this is TMI BUT
Investing in an electronic toy is a REALLY good idea.  I was totally single when I got clean and that baby was a life saver (:
(I'd do a winky face but I'm not that savvy)
Keep pushing those fluids and feel PROUD of yourself.
Goodness knows I'm proud of you.
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Thanks Lulu.  Number 2 would be wonderful but since my hubby is so ill that's out of the question for now.  The doctor says I'm not sick per se.  He just feels I picked a bad time to C/T...all it did was add to my stress and exhaustion...the last 11 months has been full-time caretaking on top of my work, plus having to deal with all the day-to-day stuff and being scared to death I was losing my husband due to his various serious surgeries.  I never realized that you could get a fever because of excessive exhaustion and stress but now I do!

I'm going to add myself as a buddy to hubby's rehab so I can exercise with him 3 times a week and I'm also going to go to the Y and see about getting back into the pool exercise program they have for people with issues like mine (bursitis, arthritis, etc).  I think that's the best thing.

You had some excellent suggestions, some of which I already do (B-12, creative)...laughter hasn't been around much lately but hubby and I are going to have a comedy dvd weekend and see if we can't get our laughter back.

Thanks so much.....
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Try st. John's wort for the mental. It's better than Sam e and much cheaper. Just a thought
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