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Day 2 Opioid free. What to expect going forward?

I have been on Opioids for the past 15 months. I was taking Oxycodone (about 20-30 MG per day). When I wasn't taking the oxy, I was taking dilaudid 4 mg once per day. I know it's nice a very high amount that some people take, but it's still an amount that's in my system. It has helped tremendously with my nerve pain and hand pain I've been experiencing for a long time now. But I decided it's better to be off of it completely, and use over the counter medication. Cause pain medication around here is hard to come by, and doctors are very hesitant now with the new laws. So it was a matter of time that I would not have a supply. So I decided now is the time. I am about 48 hours opioid free. I'm just wondering what to expect going forward. I had restless legs last night. And just feel kind of fluish and sluggish. Also have minimal diarrhea. I would say my biggest symptoms right now is the sneezing, the body feeling fluish, and the night time restless legs. I currently take Klonopin (as needed), Cymbalta (Been on it for the past year) and over the counter Immodium, Mortin, and Tylenol.

What do I need to expect going forward? Am I almost over the hump? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Wish me luck!
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I think you’re very wise to come off it.  I was on everything for ten years.  I came off everything almost two years ago.  I had a couple of weeks where I went back on it for a couple of weeks in April but didn’t stay on it.

For the restless legs make sure you’re getting extra potassium.  Orange juice, bananas and potatoes are all high in potassium.  You can also buy a product called Hyland’s Restful Legs at CVS or Walgreens.  It’s in a very small box so you might have to ask where it is.

You can ask your doc for Clonidine.  It’s an old blood pressure med that they often use for withdrawal.  Or ask for gabapentin.  Both will help with withdrawals.  Gabapentin also can help with nerve pain.

Drink plenty of fluids.  How’s your sleep?

I’m not sure why, but when I came off everything, I had no withdrawals.  I have bad hand and nerve pain (CRPS/RSD from nine unsuccessful hand surgeries.). I use a lot of ibuprofen and Voltaren gel (prescription,) prescription lidocaine ointment, prescription lidocaine ointment and heat and ice packs.  None of it takes the pain away but most of the time I can tolerate it.  You sort of get to a new normal.

Good luck and God bless.  Let me know if I can help in any way.
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Thank you Mary for your response, I will look into trying that for the restless legs.  My sleep wasn't great last night because of the RLS, I'll see how it is tonight, and buy Hyland’s Restful Legs at CVS tomorrow if it continues. What do you think would be an approximate day that I might feel symptoms go down? And also I was reading different things about this ... if I were to take a quarter of my medicine tonight just to help ease up, and continue to not take it going forward, does that reset my withdrawal timeline? Or taking a quarter might not have that big of an impact as taking an entire pill? ... Again thank you so much for responding. This is my first time ever going cold turkey and I appreciate all the help and advice I can get :)
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I’ve heard days 3 and 4 are usually the worst but some symptoms, like not sleeping, can drag on.

Are you addicted or are you just wanting to come off?

I think you’ll get different responses as to whether or not tapering would reset the withdrawal or not.

I physically can’t do a cold turkey withdrawal.  I have underlying medical problems that get me admitted to the hospital whenever I’ve tried.

If you’re not abusing them, then tapering is a much gentler way to come off them.  You could ask your doctor to come up with a taper plan or you could research it and do it yourself.  It depends on how quick you want off them as to how you taper.

I always wanted off ASAP so when I did taper, I went too fast.  (Not sure why I had no withdrawals when I came off nearly two years ago.). A good rule of thumb is to drop ten percent.  Stay at that dose until you feel okay, anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks.  Keep dropping slowly until your off.

If you’re abusing them, a taper may be difficult, but if you’re not, tapering may be the way too go!
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Unfortunately, within the New Year, my doctor will no longer be writing pain medications. They are worried about new laws and doctors losing their licenses. And at this point I would run out before I find another doctor that would be willing to continue writing pain medication prescriptions. And also I just don't want to take them anymore. Had I had more of a warning I would taper off, but I won't have enough medication to successfully do that. So I went cold turkey. And this is all new to me, so I don't know how I'm supposed to feel, whats the worst of the worst, how to get through each day without it etc.. My doctor said I wouldn't need help with Suboxone because I'm not on a very very high amount. That stopping it, I will only feel withdrawal for a few days. I trust my doctor and have been seeing him for over 10 years. I guess I'm just scared of the unexpected, and how long this will last. I am tempted to take just a quarter to help me each day.. Thanks again for taking the time to help me
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Hi oh definitely not suboxone.

if you are over 48 hrs without it is best to just continue your withdrawal. If you take even a small amount you will not be fully detoxibg.
You are doing great. Give yourself sone tine. A good week or so.
So you have an appetite?
Hot epsom salt baths will also help with the reatless legs.
You can take imodium for your tummy.
Also you can take an allergy med for the sneezing, cold like symptoms.
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Thank you Debbie, like I said to Mary, I did end up taking a quarter of my medication last night, like I said this is my first time trying Cold Turkey. I did wake up this morning not having the need or crave to take the pain medication. So today I'm going to continue where I left off and not take anything, deal with any symptoms, and hope that quarter of a pill didn't set me back.

My appetite hasn't been as much as it used to be, I figured that would happen. Mostly stomach cramps and a few times in the bathroom the past 2 days. I've been taking imodium. I'll definitely take the cold meds for the sneezing, didn't think of that. Hour 48 was my toughest, and I caved in taking a quarter of a pill.
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Imodium can also help a bit with withdrawal symptoms.  I always had nausea and vomiting. You can ask for anti-nausea meds.  Gatorade and ginger ale help with nausea and dehydration.  Try to drink as much as possible.  Dehydration makes everything worse.  If you trust your doctor and have a good relationship,he might prescribe  prescribe it may prescribe it.

For sleep you can try Melatonin or Valerian Root but it takes time for all the symptoms to abate.

You’re probably in the thick of it now and it probably won’t  get any worse.  Suboxone and methadone are much harder to come off.  I agree with with Debbie that it’s best to stay away from those meds.

You’re doing great!  It will be all worth it in the end.  Try to come up with a plan for dealing with your pain.  Bad pain can cause temptation to go back on them.

How are you feeling today?

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Thank you again, I did end up taking a quarter of my medication last night, like I said this is my first time trying Cold Turkey. I did wake up this morning not having the need or crave to take the pain medication. So today I'm going to continue where I left off and not take anything, deal with any symptoms, and hope that quarter of a pill didn't set me back.
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