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Day 2, long night

Well, today is day 2. Last night kinda sucked but not just bcuz of wd's I had my 3 yr old in my bed so i'd finally get to sleep then get a mini foot in my ribs or something so back up i would be. I am at work which is my saving grace. At least I have something to keep me busy and my mind off the Oxy, a little anyway. Before bedtime I did my best to keep busy so I made cookies and muffins with my boys. I had a little less patience than normal but kept us all busy for a good hour. I took my multi-vitamin and a B complex and 2 diff aminos this morning and have a few water bottles and immodium with me today....wish me luck.
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my grand daughter stayed with me the weekend i detoxed...she was so sweet and i enjoyed having her company since i live alone..she is 8 tho...3 is a bit different..anyway seemed like she knew i didnt feel well and napped with me and didnt complain that i was sluggish...she kinda took care of me and she is a hyper little thing as a rule  a true leo with a temper to boot...it was sweet and just thought of it when i read ur post...hang on and keep moving forward
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You are doing good so keep moving forward.  Everyday will get better.  Keeping busy really does help and taking the vitamins.  You can do this!!!   stay strong       sara
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I remember those days, little ones all over me.:)....Congrats on doing so well...Also to be at work ...Staying busy does help alot..
Stay Strong, and keep fighting!!!
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It sounds like you are doing really good:)  I am on day 10 and feeling great.  Just wanted to tell you that all this pain and sufffering has a happy ending even if you don't believe it now.  Hang in there and know that you are doing something wonderful for you and your family...much love and good luck

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