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Day 27 off of methadone and still having RLS, when will this go away?!

I was on methadone for about 12 years and although I never went above 65mgs I took a very long time to taper down. I didn't just walk off I got down to 3mgs, cut it in half, and then walked off. It will be almost one month I will have been off of the methadone entirely. For some reason it feels like my brain is completely off balance...and my right pupil is dialated at the weirdest times...but worse than anything else is the RLS that is keeping me from sleep. I've tried vitamins, hot baths, and I literally cannot sleep for the life of me. Is there anyone who was on methadone that long and can let me know how long this may last for someone coming from long term methadone use?
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Let me just say YAY you!!!  Way to go. RLS is a major pain in the booty but way to go with getting off methadone.  I would give it a bit more time.  I think for sure, not sleeping can make you feel crazy and off kilter.  https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5193169/  Restless leg happens about 13% of the time in detoxing users.  Things that are supposed to help are exercise during the day, yoga, stretching, stockings, compression stockings, wrapping legs, weighted blankets (helps me a lot), trying a cold shower before bed, and you'll like this one, masturbate or have sex to orgasm.  What about melatonin?  3mg works for me.  I time it just right, take an hour before bed.  It's non addicting, natural.  I started at 1 mg and found 3 mg to work best for me.  
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I was on over 100 mg methadone for 6 yrs and I know the rls is rough ....try walking although I know you’re weak still ,but walking and trying to jog a few steps as well because it will increase your bodies own natural painkillers and it really brought me on out of the rls....whatever you do don’t start taking anything! You’re almost there mine went on about 6-8 weeks
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